Safe Network Dev Update - March 4, 2021

It’s quite possible I’m the only person who remembers this quote. I may even have imagined it. You see it’s not Scots who are tight when it comes to giving out prizes.


What, we get beat 5-1 at Wembley and I threaten never to go back?
I relent, go for the weekend with g/f, have a massive row (about quite what I cant remember) in a pub near Euston and I get the first train back.

I get 12 tickets for the Who at Wembley (don’t ask) hitch hike down overnight, get such a good offer that I sell my own ticket as well and get a taxi to Heathrow and pay £££ for the first flight home.

London experiences mixed but I can live without it.


Its not Occifer Mackay, Im pretty sure about that. Was it some grass with really bad body odour?

Nice try @JPL. Deefiniitely along the right lines, it is a sitcom starring a Londoner, but not that one.

I loved this series, in spite of it confusing 11ish me into thinking that “blue films” were actually projected in blue monochrome. Mostly I loved that Scottish character.



Ah - was he a doctor?

You have Finlay gone too far there…

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No. Now you’re fishing :fish:


Was that a comedy. I know it is in retrospect but not then shurrly

Do you reckon we’re still on-topic?

I reckon, but you’re the mod here.

I always meant to ask you… Do you partake of piscinary pastimes seeing its so handy for you? Literally on your doorsep… And if so is any of the catch edible?

I believe they were playing it straight. I remember it sparked a whole (Case) book of jokes, very very few of which could be repeated here.

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The two main characters were played by a decent actor (IMO, although I don’t remember what else the did) and a sixties pop star. So whether you get the quote (never) or not, you should now get it.

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Awww go on.

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No - but it was you derailed it - so Im milking it for all its worth before a real mod comes along

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You haven’t seen me right?

“A real mod” top marks! I reckon that’s worth a week’s ban.


No I tred a fine line with the mods, I know my limits.

When the time comes for us to sit down with a warm pishy beer for you and a sparkling cider for me, I’ll tell you few of them. Mostly the ones that no matter how hard I try, I cant unremember.
Many of them feature members and a prominent cast member who had the worst faux-Scottish accent of them all.

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You’re safe, I sent him off to duckduckgon or startpage.

Actually I think he’s googling.

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