Safe Network Dev Update - March 18, 2021

Great work! Déjà vu! I got a 2017 momentum feeling. I didn’t know better back than :smile:


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Wish I could manage that trick - I spent a couple of decades in Southampton in 1998

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Will there be a Mexican option? Empanadas con pollo?

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a single tattoo. Also, my Spanish is shite. But I did survive without a single bullet hole for 2-3 months. English is no good in Mexico. The trick is to be polite and speak with your eyes. And to be even more honest, I never hung around people who talk like that. That’s northern gang talk. I traveled south and around.

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I don’t think you quite understand what that means round these parts.
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Troofacto: Frankie Boyle’s mum was a dinnerlady at son#2’s primary school.

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Aye the cultural reference got lost on that “You show me yours” patter – my fault and apologies. The problem is Sascha, your command of English is so good, I automatically assume your command of the idioms is also excellent. And that is a very unfair assumption to make.

Cos it utterly spoiled my joke and I am now distraught, #sad

Edit: to further confuse things, here is a chap who is very proud of his big chopper and he proceeds to show it off

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Getting closer every day. It’s palpable. Keep it up guys and gals
And a huge hug to the benefactor of the BambooGarden initiative. Mind blowing generosity


It really speaks to the ethical community we have. It’s truly wonderful. The world needs more open and honest projects like this.


Viva Mexico :partying_face:


Kinda, Lazy Messaging is a thing we had, but had not used in parts of the code we should have. Those parts were considered OK to proceed without it for testnet, but no.

Lazy messaging is easy though. It’s all about group consensus, or as we call it a Section Actor. This means we want to speak to the group as a single entity, but it changes at times and the typical approach most take is to stop it changing or to do huge complex loops of code and all kinds of crazy stuff to control churn.

Instead Lazy Messaging says hey churn happens, that’s cool, it’s not a problem, this is a trustless decentralised permissionless network, that’s just gonna happen.

To cope with churn instead of “controlling churn” we do something simple and that simple thing is failproof, simpler, more secure and able to cope with almost unlimited churn. The code is really simple too. Here it is and you will be surprised how simple it is.

Each group have a shared SectionKey and each churn event means they have a new SectionKey. This is regardless of LM.

All we do is this.

When we send a message to the group, we add the section key we have for that group.

If any member of the group has a newer key they give us back our message and the new key (plus Proof the key is valid).
if any member has an older key they give us back the message with an error. We send them back the new key plus proof of the key plus the message.
If any member has the key we claim, they process the message.

That’s it! That allows us to handle any changes to groups and do so smoothly, quickly and that’s Lazy Messaging.

If you think deeply about why this works you can see the simplicity in it, but also the beauty. It covers any levels of complexity due to churn and any level of churn for however long a period.

That means all our code can ignore all the hassles with some nodes being at different levels or the section splitting and so on. They can just consider the SectionActor is a single node, although it’s obviously not. But all our logic now hides behind Lazy Messaging.

I have a much longer more detailed overview if you wish I can post it here too.


Nice update waiting :hourglass_flowing_sand: safe Browser :rofl:


¡Siempre, amigo!




Jim’s video is superb! it will allow minimum tech savvy people to be involved in this!


No need… All good, Really good explanation here, thanks :blush: love to hear the simplest possible solution is in place. Great stuff :+1:


ooooh, I missed this on my first skim-through. Looking forward to some reading!


This is so going to happen :hugs:


My motto has always been: simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. It is also the most difficult to achieve.

Picasso could paint like Rembrandt at the age of 13, but strived his entire life to paint like a child again. Keep painting team, great work!