SAFE Network Dev Update - March 12, 2020

Great work and keep going towards Fleming!

Big thanks to all guys which helped to fixed baby fleming issue.


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Yee ha !!! Fan dabi dozi !!! *

Dunno if you planned it this way but this is superb example of finding an advantage in a crisis.

*Other utterances of joy are available


Wahey! Great update! Just to clarify, are you saying that version 0.16.0 is incompatible with baby fleming routing? Will it continue to work on the shared network?

And another question, since you’ve mentioned updates to the permissions flow here: Is it going to be possible in future to give public write access to an object you own?

(To prevent any confusion / miscommunication here, I’ll give the technical description to the question I’m actually asking: Will it be possible for a published FilesContainer with read-only access to give public write access to specific XorURLs stored inside of that FilesContainer?) In this question, the word public means, specifically, access to absolutely every user of the SAFE network, rather than specific users.


I am just writing up some examples on this exact thing. so Sets and Graphs (linked lists with forks). They fit well with CRDT types and as initial examples of this I selected these. It allows, collecting “likes” on posts etc. and the latter on allowing folk to reply to posts and reply to replies and so on.

Debating internally on user uploads the data type and pays X for it, then others can write to it and fill it up (so uploader has paid for the empty container to be filed). It’s a relatively simple thing and saves a ton of network work to not charge for every mutation, but just for the initial creation of the type.
Down sides as @joshuef pointed are extending the container, but we have had a few discussions about that. It could be interesting.
I think these types of containers may be flexible for devs as well as they can easy create twitter/discord and so on and not have to force users to pay. Perhaps the users pays the OP and so on, so a lot of nice twists in usage.
Anyway it’s on the drawing board so far and no further. But that does not mean it’s a ton of work either :wink:


Anyone wanting to continue using the old single Shared Vault should be using:

Please note that our intention is to take down the Shared Vault at the time when we put up a Shared Baby Fleming section.

Anyone wanting to try out Baby Fleming should be using:

SAFE Browser Alpha v0.17.0 has the same features as the v0.16.0 release, with the addition of our 1st attempt at making it work with Baby Fleming. It is not backwards compatible though, so v0.17.0-alpha.0 will not work with the single Shared Vault, or CLI v0.8.1.


That sounds really good to me, I like the idea that the option for the app account to pay for the data storage is there, it simplifies a lot of things which would otherwise result in lots of obnoxious SAFEcoin transfer interfaces in SNAPP.

Do you plan to release any sort of extensive document / vlog / podcast covering your plans here? I would be really interested in exploring it in nauseating depth once you have something workable to present.

Please note that our intention is to take down the Shared Vault at the time when we put up a Shared Baby Fleming section.

Yep, that’s totally fine, I was just checking compatibility because I’ll be fiddling around on the shared network tonight and tomorrow. Cheers!


I have internal docs, we will look to make them public soon. We have started ( thanks @frabrunelle ) a safe network hackmd space and a maidsafe one. The maidsafe one is internal and where we get crazy , intention is to work internal and switch to SAFE asap with most of these docs.
[EDIT Be aware I am typo manic in internal docs, you think I am bad here, well man :smiley: ]


Not quite as seismic as separating out the SNAPP from the browser, but sounds like one of those decisions that seems obvious only afterwards, but then makes a huge difference to simplifying everything.

As someone constantly trying and failing to organise my computer space, and then getting confused, I really like the sound of this!

It’s all coming together!


I’ll be keeping an eye out for what transpires from this :slight_smile:


Thanks so much to the entire team for all of your hard work. The progress is accelerating. A new dawn is coming. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


@dirvine Les Dawson was great at striking all the wrong notes on the piano for laughs, it’s a bit like that but with a keyboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the great work everyone @maidsafe. and the community

Looking forward to testing wee Fleming on mobile. Great work as always!


Great update once again!! Thrilled to see the quick diagnostics and push to iterate on Baby Fleming. As always, it’s wonderful to see the focus on effective UXD.

More grease to your elbow, MaidSafe! Thank you to all the more technical community members who also pitched in to help test Baby Fleming :smile:


Especially @mav and @Southside who are close to being salaried test engineers at this point! All hail our fearless alpha testers!


Thanks for the hard work and great update Maidsafe devs…

:clap: much respect to the brave CLI super ants helping with testing :vulcan_salute:

It’s fun to read the feedback of the testers (even if I don’t completely understand it) thanks for helping :baby:


Hey it was fun to do the testing (even if I didnt completely understand quite large bits of it)
but I know more than I did this time last week so it wasnt totally wasted time :slight_smile:


When I’m testing, and all the parts tally and roll like well greased cogs, and at last it’s working; and then I put a image file, and its gone, I have to wonder what just happened. I sit back and realize that what just happened has never happened before. Some magical Algorithm has dissolved that image file into a cyber ether of which dreams are made of, cheers!


Great update maidsafe team! Have not posted for a while, but read every update. Great to see the passionate community feedback and help.


I bet there are a tonne of people just silently and patiently waiting on the Maidsafe team. Lurkers.