SAFE Network Dev Update - June 20, 2019

Yeah, complicated yes, but I think if we calculate marketcap out of the circulation supply, rather than out from max supply (as some often do), we do correctly. Also its sure, there will be short deflation on safecoin during first days, than stabilisation a only if there is massive adoptation, there goes massive inflation with it.

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There is a load of documentation and also some peer reviewed papers etc. some are behind paywall (IEEE) but many available. Docs are never easy though, so you may need to search around, tehre are lots though.

A lot to that question
Vaults cannot decrypt data, they hold encrypted chunks of files, but not file. Clients encrypt stuff, but self_encrypt uses a version of convergent encryption with an added XOR phase. Network layer uses TLS 13., vaults use ED25519 and BLS as well as AES 256. We did have some chaha poly … but are sticking with AES (prob AES SIV for nonce resistance).

I am not sure this is the security you mean though, but you get the idea.

If it is how is it secured through use, then that is a much bigger question, like bitcoin it needs participants. Imagine bitcoin when the mining reward is gone and it is all transaction rewards. No transaciton, no miners. Like us no Puts, no farmers if that makes sense? No consumers, then no puts (even owners looking at their own data is a consumer). It kinda goes from there.


Thanks man, that means a lot.


Maybe so. Value is subjective after all.

I would love to have a list of peer reviewed papers. Or what journals to search and what search terms to use to find them?

I want to understand how the network is secured in the bigger sense. (Even before implementation and launch we could have people think of possible exploits and how to plug them. The more eye balls on it the better.)

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Search for “maidsafe” or “maidsafe irvine” on google scholar for a start point. There are many open pub searches now you can also use. Google patent search for the same will show all the original ideas etc. as well.


Some digging turned up a series of papers of 2010 (not peer reviewed), and one peer-reviewed paper with an interesting title, but behind a paywall :grimacing:.

There was a similar request on this forum March 2018, and the result was the same. :frowning: help!?

Edit: I will keep track of papers here.


There are over 30 patents. Plus and a few more, hope that helps. I don’t have a lot of time to search around as you will probably guess :wink: Even search this forum for papers, you will find some.


I will do my best and search patents too but it looks like I will have to piece everything together from the code on github and search on this forum. :thinking:

The link credits a David Irvine AND a James Irvine, who also released a paper titled Security of the MaidSafe Vault Network in 2014. Lots of his other papers seem to be based around decentralisation, too. Any relation :laughing: ?

Or maybe he works at the University? If that is the case, could you give any insight into the ongoing(?) relationship between Maidsafe and Glasgow University? Was the program to sponsor the student with them too?

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And what was sigma x?

That was Strathclyde uni we work with them, Glasgow, St Andrews, Stirling, Napier etc. We did sponsor a PHD there and some students at Ayr. No relation … we do a ton of work with many folk when we can, I cannot remember them all :wink:


Sigmoid was a company to use our tech for corporate with different login etc. it is all wrapped in maidsafe now.


Either that or you trust the inventor and Dev team

MAID (or Safecoin) will not be valued higher for a couple of simple reasons.

  1. Because of difference in supply limit
  2. Because Bitcoin has a proven history of security and functionality

When the Safe Network launches it will take years for it to prove itself as secure - and that includes security for the token. Without such security it cannot complete with Bitcoin.

But that’s okay with me because the Safe Network is about much more than the price of Safecoin. It represents a quantum leap forward to a new type of internet, one that is desperately needed.


Ethereum was hacked at launch but it took off like a rocket. The hype when SAFE-network launch might be beyond our wildest imaginations, who knows, let’s wait and see.


Patent search turned up 8 patents granted and 7 applications pending.

It may be good to have a giant centralized SAFE Network backup facility for the early days of launch, just in case it is hacked in the early days. I am thinking of training wheels for the SAFE Network. Would that be possible? I would not care as much about the value of SafeCoin as much as I would about securing the data.

I’m not sure how this would be possible, without centralisation baked in (as you point out).

Might be worth posting a new thread if you want to explore the ideas/questions/solutions around the early days of the network.

Lot of knowledge in this forum, but often it can get buried in the dev update threads.

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Ok I searched “david irvine maidsafe” seems a lot there. We have over 30 patents I don’t even remember the correct numbers, but they are in the UK, USA, India, Australia, China, Japan etc. I don’t have the time to search though. I hope you are more successful than your initial search. There is a ton of papers and patents though.