SAFE Network Dev Update - June 13, 2019

It seems to be quite close but still alot of components needs to be tested etc. so i dont think we will get fleming before this year summer ends…

Thanks for those kind words @tobbetj. I look forward to meeting you there!

Hah! I had no idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Splendid!

Hm, didn’t know of the guy. I could try :relaxed:

Oh, you didn’t miss it. I didn’t publish on this forum yet, so I meant on :relaxed: When there’s a date a post will go into community events section of the forum.


Amazing :clap: Just the progress I’ve been anticipating as I continue exposing more people to it. The project will get a special mention as part of some work I’m doing for the Consumer Data Right CX workstream here in Aus :wink: Keep up the fantastic work team!



Another person is chasing me now for help on buying the coin. This dev update helped.


That sounds great let’s do it :+1: :100:

Starting to feel that inner-excitement brewing
in my bones again :relaxed: :scream:


Mega update! Well done Maidsafe!

So Vaults from home has been pushed forward to the Fleming release? Is that correct?


You guys keep my heart pumping! Well done and a big congratulations from Australia xxz :tada:


In spirit of @nbaksalyar commitment, it has been some friday, almost midnight, python/tkinter coding with some beer for focus/moral boost. :grinning:




Did Facebooks announcement about having a cryptocurrency spur on SAFE Coin development or was it all organic?

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It is all organic. We are past the big questions part now and into implementation design and roll out. Some other bigger changes have been the project management team and execution plan. That makes a huge difference and allows the whole company to progress “as one” this allows much more rapid updates. There will be some bumps on the road as usual but at least we can clearly see the road now. A big change has been getting the RFCs in place and re–focusing on those to answer last minute questions or make some simplification changes.


5.30 am? Late to bed or early to rise? :laughing:

I think these changes are perfect for the big implementation phase. It feels like there is a clear sequence of events to get through and the whole team is on board with delivering them.

It is an impressive pivot from the outside looking in. I suspect people underestimate how much experience maidsafe as a company have. You don’t get through 10 years of r&d without knowing how to weather the storms. This latest confident change in direction is testament to this.

While we are used to the silicon valley approach of hype and big spending in the crypto space, people forget that there is more than one strategy to do business. The modest, determined, unflappable companies, who tirelessly march towards their goals have another. They are a different beast entirely and are extremely difficult to stop! :grinning:


Thanks. I always appreciate your on point answers!


Will this be streamed?