SAFE Network Dev Update - June 13, 2019

These updates have been getting progressively more exciting by the week. This one in particular is next level. Keep up the amazing work guys!


I feel left behind with all these technical details and command lines - and it feels like that’s exactly how it should be for now. Time for average Joe UI is later. Very nice update!


Very exciting update. @nbaksalyar you are amazing for pushing so hard, great sacrifice that reminds me of the team behind “Gran Turismo”.

“I always found him and his team members sleeping under the desks when I came to the office in the morning,” remembers Yoshida.

“The atmosphere was sort of like a college club room,” says Yamauchi. “I would wake up in the morning and there would be a leg in front of my head.” :slightly_smiling_face:

@oetyng you are a one of the true bright shining stars in this project/community, I’am very much looking forward to participate at one of the meetups.

In a multiverse there are probably one universe where the SAFE-network never was invented and another universe where it failed, but I’am sure of that we are all in the right universe where the SAFE-network will succeed.

So much talent together in a dense space can’t fail.


Oh yeah! This update was literally like the kool-aid guy bashing through the wall. So many threads coming together, and the building blocks are all there.

@oetyng … right on! Sweden meetups! The issue I guess with anonymous forums is not knowing that we were all so close all this time. I can make any Malmö meetup and a fair number in Göteborg. Awesome initiative.

Over the next week or so, we will be rolling out the FFI APIs which would allow app developers to use all new features¨

Yay! time to sacrifice sleep for another big pySafe push!


ok, so now this is really becoming serious stuff


Really great what you are doing! Maybe you can try inviting that Ivan on Tech guy ( It’s about time he starts talking about the SAFE Network on his youtube channel :slightly_smiling_face:


Incredible update Maidsafe devs.

Jippy test Safecoin :crazy_face: :joy: :exploding_head:



Wow that’s a home-run of an update guys and gals–especially the news about Vaults, and also the uptick in outreach.

Congrats and thanks for the amazing work! :pray:


It’s great when you don’t understand all the technical stuff but by the sounds of all the comments I should start being excited. I’m excited
BTW are each of the squares on the Gantt chart weeks?


The update seems massive and exciting. I hope marketing will in high gear when Fleming is released. @Harvindar @whiteoutmashups let’s have another meet up to play with the tech when Fleming is out. :slight_smile:


Great update @maidsafe
Raise your hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: if you can’t wait to run a vault


Still n timescales :wink: We are getting close but not yet.


This is the first possibly good news in a very long time, hopefully it materializes and actually works well soon because the delays for release have gone beyond astonishing.


Our M.O here is show progress in a plan that encompasses all tasks to launch, not only Fleming, but well beyond. We can hope, but even better we can ll now measure. That’s always gotta be a more effective route for such a world changing proposition. Visibility is great, but clarity and measurement of each task is even better. You can drill down the project boards to individual tasks and see progress in real time as well as our weekly updates. But that progress you see is now linked to the overall project plan.

There’s a new day dawning in the world of the SAFE network :wink:


I somehow missed the announcements of these groups and meetings. Do we have a centralized place for announcing meetups? Should we have one?


Yes, see here:


Fantastic update! I’m particularly excited to hear that Fleming is likely to be a bigger deal than the routing-only test it was previously planned to be.

Vaults from home & some form of test Safecoin sounds very tasty!

I’ll be at the Blockchain meetup next week in Edinburgh on Wednesday - looking forward to seeing some of the team there.

Well done for sponsoring Andreas’ talk. I’m always amazed when Scots who know about crypto don’t know MaidSafe, so reaching out there is a good move.

Keep up the amazing work. Now even more excited to see Fleming / other releases in the coming months :slight_smile:


OMG. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Must be a relief after I’ve seen it gone from reliable UDP to a number of other ideas. Great work.

Really great update. Love this one.


Totally agree that we should have one. We’ve been speaking about that internally and thinking about how and where we provide this info. More on this soon!


The gantt format is more to give a sense of order and dependency of the projects in flight (rather than specifics on timings), as the GitHub project boards don’t necessarily convey that clearly enough.

As we get closer to the planning horizon of each project we can establish better estimates - which will either be on the GitHub Boards or in a Dev Update. As high level progress / changes happen we can republish a gantt overview, which will continue to help with order/dependency :smiley: