SAFE Network Dev Update - July 25, 2019

These are over 9,000 characters of pleasure! Thank you Team @MaidSafe!

I could not resist and translated the whole content again, but thank you for adding a summary again! :stuck_out_tongue:новини-25-7-2019/


So maybe “Impossible Web” then?

Is it only me or they just given us a date for Flemming? (hint hint! :wink:)


I think this is an interesting question that may deserve its own topic. What incentive is there for FAANG and other “trust us entities” to transition to SAFE?

Sadly, I believe the average shareholder cares very little about ethics. Good people both invest in and use stuff like Facebook, shutting out, maybe subconsciously, what this sort of companies actually do. And even if you do care, consistently acting in an ethical way is difficult. I really have no way of knowing how the coffee I’m drinking now was produced, but the truth is, I might very well invest in coffee, if I had the opportunity. And I consider myself pretty conscious when it comes to ethics in general.


That would be absolutely next level if that was how Fleming was rolled out.


You can check this out


Really ramping up progress! Love the video, really helps get the high level concepts across for perpetual web. Makes me think of how open annotations can be brought in some how :thinking: - like the whole web is an interactive wiki…could get messy and would likely need a robust reputation system for annotators.

As always top work from the @maidsafe team! Inching closer to Fleming :grin:


Does anyone know if there Is any use case for big companies, corporations to use to SAFE technology, the network?

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Yeah, I already tiptoed out of that thread…


DropBox would seem an obvious one, particularly as it’s coded in the same language as safe.


There are plenty of uses. Every company wants security over their documents. That is just 1 of many uses
Think of all the hacking of intellectual property that has occurred globally


This article may be of some assistance


Fantastic update yet again! Love the video especially, it’s exactly the kind of content that will pull in new users. Simple, clean and powerful! I’d even consider paying for a voice actor, just to give it that extra bit of professionalism. Alternatively, to keep costs down and to push community engagement, why not invite the community to audition for the voiceover? Nail down the script, users can publish their video, MaidSafe and/or the community vote for their favourite? Maybe the winner gets a small token of appreciation, like some merch?


These are use cases (robotics, iot, autonomous cars) which arguably other projects already working on (and have partnerships) like for instance Iota. The tech is not always the key, most of the time the timing of a product release is the key. Cant help this feeling MAID still needs few years to be a ready/tested tech to be considered as any solution for the mentioned use cases.

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How many years has iota been released? How many years have they had a decentralised (no controller) network?

You see, it is more than soundbytes, it will take a bit of time and proof, but what we offer might make the time very short indeed.


Lately they have announced iota coordicide (decentralised network). The thing is they have a lot bigger teams (more devs) so things are done a lot faster, also with partnerships you get more folks involved, more funding etc. this all helps.
Dont get me wrong I am not attacking you just trying to understand what makes MAID so special what others cannot offer in regards to the mentioned use cases.

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Yeah but they haven’t solved their issues or say when they will be solved, do they. More resources does not guarantee a better result

Edit - also large companies don’t put all their eggs in one basket. They will play with products as they emerge. e.g The pie is big enough for both Ripple and Stellar to do well in the finance world


It is very basic. The very data that is required to allow all these innovations is a center part of SAFE. Not a bolt on or data stored elsewhere and referenced, but the actual data is the SAFE network. The coins are backed by protecting that data, so it is all about secure data first, everything else second. That is a key part of SAFE that others have not yet caught up with. So don’t secure coins first, secure data first, coins help with that, but are not essential really. Coins make the UX way simpler and that helps adoption.


The thing is that you find Holy Grail while looking for something like this:
So You hardly believe that you can stop and enjoy this moment. :grinning:


You did a great job. It’s authentic and a teaser of things to come. Most people will listen to it on a phone while on the go so no need to worry about the sound quality till you get the upgraded hardware.

Then you could have a funny cut scene that shows the revision history of the perpetual web video😅


Are you for real? You seem to have been here for years, yet you haven’t thought of any use cases? Trolling, surely?