SAFE Network Dev Update - July 25, 2019

Yeah you do raise a good point, and it was considered as there is something in meeting people in real life. But imagine - the entire community online at one time! That’s pretty epic. And I like your suggestion of having an informal session happening in parallel, that is a fab idea!


Would also be great, if when resources are finally freed up, we could do one on a weekly basis as a way to increase dialogue, exposure and adoption.

Hopefully, if this first one goes well, it would definitely be something we could do on a more regular basis as all the hassle of the set up of a physical event goes out the window. Not sure about weekly though, you might get sick of our faces by then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!


I was just thinking on this and I would say anyone who has a pitch for an ap or any kind of project should have a space to set up their “booth” to. Like these things are where partnerships are often born. I think like somehow have 3 levels. You have the official lineup of presenters (usually these are not all back to back so you have time to give them full attention and still do other stuff.) Then you have these “booths” you can go wander around and see various peoples serious ventures. Then there’s just other people around and you should be able to talk to them about what did you think of that presenter or hey I think I am buying what that booth was selling.

And yes there is something lost still from face to face that you just can’t completely replicate. I think one important feature though is that these booths have someone standing there waiting to talk to you. I mean otherwise its just a forum of ap ideas (which is still valuable so I would just let people leave their booth “unattended” after the show.) Anyways it should as closely as possible simulate I walked up to a table and there is a guy standing there to show it to me and answer questions I have along the way.


This is a fantastic idea!!! It’s a great opportunity to leverage the SAFE meetup groups that are popping up around the world too!

Really excited to see all the work that’s happening on the mobile front. So much of web interaction is mobile today, and designing an optimal app experience for that platform is very distinct from desktop (or tablet).

The SAFE Network is definitely the blue whale in not just the crypto and DLT space, but in the tech and data space as a whole. SAFE will revolutionize everything about how live, work, and play. Watching it come together is amazing. :smile:


SAFE Mobile Browser is huge step forward… I wonder it has better potential even than desktop; making the network accessible on mobile now, is seductive perhaps because we are used to the idea of multiple apps; changing browser on a desktop I hope can be made equally simple.

The video is very well done and makes a powerful pitch for the idea of how the web should be recording its history by default.



Lol. I meant like maybe an hour long YouTube—hopefully at some point simulcasted on the actual network—live stream whereby maybe one of you guys could hop on and engage the larger cryptoverse. Maybe alongside a couple of the more prominent community members like @fergish or something. That would be outrageously cool.


Really good point David. I think mobile onboarding [cringe] is a great way to gain mass adoption.

Maybe this should be the SAFE Network app? Or at least named so as to not get lumped in with regular browsers. If it is ‘just another browser’ I think it becomes harder to realise what it really is. So maybe SAFE Web, SAFE Platform, SAFE ???

What do the marketeers think - should we brand the mobile browser a bit different from ‘browser’?

Perhaps there’s a key thing that a lot of people will want it for, and we focus on that initially. What might that be on mobile?


SAFE Browser is ok… point being the mobile apps can be multiple without issue
but it prompts a thought that there can easily be different apps for different use cases… even some niche ones… the SAFE dropbox ; SAFE messenger ; SAFE youtube ; SAFE video/sound recorder; SAFE status/twitter ; etc.

While I think of it… the perpetual tempts track changes to shared documents perhaps too… all a matter of the pricing reality what size of diff is actioning.

Exciting times seeing this evolve :smiley:


Seems like lots of good refactoring and considerations being done as well as some concrete UX advancements, my thoughts for mvp though are more like how quickly can maid

Get a cli or something that lets us:

  • Fire up Vaults
  • Get/Check a test safe coin balance
  • Put files into the test network of vaults limited by available safe coin with price arbitrary static(just for testing)
  • Retrieve files from the test network

Wouldn’t that let us stress and test consensus(parsec) + encryption + decentralization/peer behavior(quic p2p) + safecoin increment/decrement, if wanted to get fancy could do dumbed down farming to reward those vaults with the coins based on the puts and data stored too?

Anyways carry on, keep trucking. Been just past 2 months since the “full steam ahead to an mvp, lets knock folks socks off” mindset.


FIRST :facepunch:!!!



Love the idea of a global online Meetup day. Great thinking guys and gals.
Watched the video - very smooth. And a mobile browser as well!!!
You devs have been killing it in recent weeks. The project board is getting ticked off quicker and quicker. Can’t wait to see what develops.


That is Fleming :smiley: :smiley:


Btw, I like “The Perpetual Internet” and think it’s very fitting. But FWIW … I also really (really) liked “The Impossible Network.” I’d love to see this phrasing make another appearance somewhere down the line. Reasons:

— I think it grabs attention really successfully. Who reading that phrase wouldn’t be curious to learn more? (Phrasing has the same in-built drama as, say, the movie Mission Impossible.)

— It speaks to the ambition of the project.

— I take it to be a lighthearted jab at naysayers, folks who over the past handful of years have claimed that the SAFE Network is, in fact, impossible.

I at least consider “The Impossible Network” bold, confident, intriguing. It may be less purely accurate than “The Perpetual Internet,” but IMO grabs attention more directly and seductively. Both are great, though.


I know what you mean, and agree to an extent. “Impossible” I like. The problem is with the word “Network”, which doesn’t mean much to the average Joe or Josephine in the way that Web or Internet does.


The Perpetual Web is just one aspect of the Impossible Network though… one feature set if you will. Not the whole thing.


Call it “The Impossible Perpetual Network That Should Not Be Real, But It’s Real!”

Another amazing update MaidSafe Gods! Cheers


Thanks for sharing weekly updates!


Great video by the way this will really resonate with what is going on in the news and politics around the silencing of conservatives and fake news.
Everyone needs to share this video.


It’s GRUPDAY!!! Great Update Day … okay, that doesn’t really have the ring to it that I thought it would. lol

Nice one as usual.

Video smashed it … I thought the audio was fine.

Things really are coming together - pretty amazing to watch from the armchair … I can only imagine how rewarding it is for the team. :wink:

Now on to Fergish’s Safe Crossroads to get the lowdown from Jim.



Is there a resource that explains the Perpetual Web more fully or maybe this video is just the start of explaining this reality?

Specifically interested in site/ page history. I think it was Jim who said, yes…you can publish a site with no visible history but it’s a one off publish with no further editing possible.

All this time I’ve been thinking that perpetual referred to dropbox like data in a container doh!, but this history thing is something else.

This really changes everything for publishers that are governments, businesses and those using real identities. It brings real accountability to the entities that proclaim ‘trust us’ and the good thing is, the world is being warmed up to this concept already with an immutable blockchain.

But at the same time if you have some whistle-blowing to do or just want to present thoughts without fear, then that is also possible, which cannot be said for a blockchained world.

Brings an interesting dynamic for those ‘trust us’ entities when the realisation that a transition to Safe is now possible. Will shareholders and citizens demand a move onto Safe (ethical investment etc) will it be first mover advantage to prove trustworthiness in a cut throat vertical.

Should be incredible source of pride for Scotland when it all comes to fruition, hopefully the peoples representatives there will start throwing resources your way if needed.