SAFE Network Dev Update - January 31, 2019


I can so relate to that since i work in a construction company :rofl:

One major difference is the building has a completion and handover date. Not having that with the network makes us read and have our own interpretations. The building analogy is great. Love it.


Close but not that close but just around the corner.


Not always :slight_smile:ília

Yes the analogy does work, but maybe it works better if looking at a new type of building that has new groundbreaking features that have never been done previously.


Oh nooo…If the Sagrada is the benchmark then this is a lonng home stretch :rofl::rofl:

MS is indeed redefining the internet. Unfortunately with my lack of technical know how i cant see how much or how high is the building complete. :relaxed:


Watch out with these comparisons :wink:
World’s Tallest Building Unveiled in Dubai; Built By Slaves?


136 yrs and still not completed. Hope safenetwork beats that.


Some say software is never finished, only released (or abandoned).
Concerning the Sagrada Família: already consecrated (~=released) by the Pope and masses are taking place. Ps: such construction time periods were normal in the middle ages.


Quick question on Parsec. Are there any major known problems that there is no solution to at the moment? Or generally speaking, parsec does what is needed, it just needs to be quicker/optimised?


Yes, currently just more testing and optimisation, it works very well and does what it should :+1


Great update as always Maidsafe devs

@fergish I’m saving up to donate to you (:beers:) and your trusty musician for the next episode. Really love this 1 with dirvine and viv, I listened twice, gonna listen a third time because there is always hiding :gem:s inside there.



From Nov 22nd dev update:

Related Safe dev forum post.

Some layman questions: Will this mean that indices must be maintained to access the six different RDF triple patterns for each entry[1] and time-space trade off will that bring? Query complexity[2] vs say a native Triple store or graphDB[3]? Is a native RDF triple store (or Graph database[4]) overlay feasible for the Safe Network?

I found some other interesting related topics questioning how RDF and storage/query methods could be simplified for developers while doing a quick background research on this question, have posted to a new topic here.

[1] CumulusRDF: Linked Data Management on Nested Key-Value Stores

[2] NoSQL Databases for RDF: An Empirical Evaluation

[3] A survey of RDF storage approaches (“The problem of indexing RDF graphs”)

[4] What-are-the-differences-between-a-Graph-database-and-a-Triple-store?