SAFE Network Dev Update - January 24, 2019


That’s huge. Really huge. Congrats to all who work on this.


You and i both :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@maidsafe , check your recent FB posts. someone in comments of the post with the text:

"Continuing down the Road to SAFEFleming, next up is a reintroduction to PARSEC, our highly asynchronous ABFT consensus algorithm: "

is trying to impersonate you and scam people out of crypto by offering to double what they put in. I reported it too.


Thanks @jeremyjpj0916 for flagging, I’ve hid the message and & reported it too - thanks again!


Just double…that is disappointing :rofl:


Right :stuck_out_tongue:??? Should just tell them to buy MaidSafe coin and in 2-3 years it will either x100 or go to 0 :laughing: not too bad a risk considering upside potential.