Safe Network Dev Update - January 21, 2021

I said Gathering Tokens (not picking)

No problems


I wonder there’s a mix here of motive.

So, some will be generous and support the network because they want to… and there’s no name for the return from that in other spheres… it’s not done for the personal reward.
Other will be the for profit motive - and that tempts use of terms related to money.
Farming gathering; picking; or whatever, seem one step away.

There’s an extent too where it doesn’t matter; so, long as it’s simple and consistent.


I think farming and earning are good:

  • Farming denotes the activity: setting up and providing a system, like preparing and managing fields.

  • Earning is what results from the activity whether you’re talking about profits, tokens, satisfaction, qdos or whatever.


sn_node → combine harvester :corn:


When it comes to chickens @Sascha should always have the last word!

I’m not fond of the term ‘farming’ either, just to put it out there.


Yes, gathering is like a more specific word, mining and farming is more like broad terms.

It is like, gathering Safe Network Tokens when you Farm.

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Stop egging him on.


I’m cooped up here with cluck all else to do


Well there is no need to download from app stores. You can always download directly from the Maidsafe Foundation or the SAFE Network directly. Many developers use such a system.


Well doesn’t the SAFE network already have a URL creator system? So it would be easy to distinguish one’s own content from someone else’s content.

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I agree we should keep things simple but this is also what I was saying earlier. It doesn’t matter what one calls it currency is still a currency. The SAFE network is still a resource economy regardless of whether the currency is called coins or tokens, whether gathering those is called earning or farming. And I think one of the more pertinent questions is will it be easy to trade that currency, making it highly fungible, or will people need to find workaorunds. Either way if the SAFE network is of high value people will end up trading in it’s currency one way or another.

@tobbetj Clearly you haven’t done much gaming and farmed resources. It’s pretty much either manually gathering something or setting up some production units that spit out x resource under y conditions. Isn’t that what setting up Safe Network “Safe” does? You devote network resources and an automated system spits out a measure of tokens. Ergo farming.


I wonder the emphasis there is better suggested that people will trade utility that is of value. It’s not the intent of Safe tokens to be money - it’s so much more. There might well be capability to host what is just a fiat or money token - hosting some datachain that makes like alt coin but the token for the network itself is a digital key to locking that utility in a controlled way - and not just the imagined value of that which people exchange from one day to the next. Subtle diff perhaps but people are easily confused with notions of what is capital and what is not.


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Nice weekly update though…


I have one question in my mind (safe browser) browser make any move to stop criminal sites?? Like scam sites fake products promtions or any we will not access in data in future but we should stop some illegal activity not at all just people’s friendly?? With freedom

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I would say it isn’t the network‘s job to police anything. That‘s the police‘s job.


You can’t really have freedom of speech and police it at the same time.

Well not by the network.


Police even can’t work without network access… I think… It is best like Bitcoin but internet uncensored :pleading_face: little fear :blush::heart_eyes: but we are supporting safe network…

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Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! Grind now, shine later!

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon: