SAFE Network Dev Update - January 16, 2020

Using existing infrastructure that is embarrassing for a government to block is smart. A government would have no embarrassment blocking, but would think three times before blocking Amazon/Azure/Google/etc.

If the day comes that existing infrastructure companies choose or are forced to censor SAFE bootstrap files, than other methods of distributing the bootstrap can be devised. In some countries, it will be down to USB sticks perhaps. Until they are on the SAFE network, governments can control them, so getting them onto the SAFE network initially will always be a battle field with some governments. Part of the strategy would be to distribute using domains that have lots of traffic so that blocking them incurs the government a high social or even economic cost.


What an excellent start to 2020!

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Amazing to see it all come together!
Did not expect such a juicy update.




My point was to reduce tracking not avoid blocking.


Who is easier to track? A person going to Amazon among a huge sea of others, or a few individuals going to But blocking will be the big worry, and using high traffic channels for distribution will help to discourage that. Also, there’s nothing that says you have to distribute in only a single way.


What I meant was that I’m aware of the fact, that my guess of 12 months can be interpreted by the community as spreading fud.
I could have put it more clearly.

I’m a pessimist, for sure. I think this project is the best thing on the internet nowadays, but still I like to point out hype and fomo. I don’t think the are healthy neither. Personally I don’t care (that much) about when. Hope you (we) arrive where we are heading. Not only soon, but most importantly Safe.



Because your threat vector isn’t limited to state actors but rather both corporate and state actors.

FWIW the days of hiding in a vast sea are long gone. So much so that a buzz word attached to the specific engineering practices and tooling to that effect was created as they entered wide corporate availability; ‘Big Data’.

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Yep. Somebody at Amazon is going to know you downloaded bootstrap files. Is that really your worst case scenario? If you’re in Iran, would you rather have that, or not be able to download them at all, because the only place they were available was small enough to be blocked without so much as an apology? As I said, you can distribute in multiple ways. Different users will have different threat models, and obtain bootstrap files in different ways.

I’m done here.

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As you appear to be fixated on the issue of blocking, I would respectfully suggest that it’d be easier for the CIA to have one of their functionaries drop an account than it would be for the DNS system to suffer yet further damage to its credibility.

Yes, I am fixated on actual threats that impact people right now, not hypothetically. If you want to see how big an issue blocking is, I invite you to actually watch the video I posted on another thread that you commented on but did not watch. (I know you didn’t watch it, because your comment was addressed in multiple ways in the video)



Why do you assume that my concern over one threat vector necessarily implies that I’m not concerned of others? While related, they are separate.

Tracking is not a hypothetical threat.


that certainly feels like a big step forward!
thank you MaidSafe


Thanks for posting. Am watching this at the moment.
Very interesting.


So at a high level based on Fleming road map we have:

  1. Node Ageing
  2. Farming
  3. Vaults From Home

Left to check off to meet MVP. All huge aspects of the network so sounds like there is still a good bit to go, but progress does seem tangible and I look forward to what the next few months will bring! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.


For sure, but interesting days, we are running tests and the Chennai guys are doing wonders here. While routing /quic-p2p are upgrading/cleaning up and focused on errors all of the rest is coming together. we are currently under engineering many parts, so simplification and greater understanding and accuracy. This part is hard to decipher in terms of launch, but every day or 2 is quite amazing. We are very close now and even better close with greater code understanding as opposed to complex very clever nonsense. A big job, but almost done.


Any word or term containing the words “close” or “soon” should be banned from use on this forum.




Maidsafe is developing over 14 years. For them, 1~2year is “close” and “soon” year.


Great update! Nice to see BLS ticked off … getting very close to Fleming!! :wink:

@Tom_Carlson - don’t worry, once the network is live, I’m sure we will have multiple ways to get the bootstrap code, from hidden tor sites to torrents. So long as we can verify the copy from hash on maidsafe site, it’ll all be fine.


Great to see boards getting closed off! Lots of progress by the sounds of it. Looking forwards to seeing some of the code in action again.


That will be interesting to see which model will be used after so many disccusion about rewards.
And is it still valid that for Fleming will be only basic model or not?

I am happy to see nice and long update again.