SAFE Network Dev Update - January 10, 2019


While one of my hats is a network engineer and as an actual Engineer I can learn new skills quickly, the requirements for the position are quite detailed and with RUST ability being one of them, this narrows down the field a lot.

Normally a network engineer is about designing networks and keeping them working, it is usually using hardware & wires & router os/config and (lot) less programming. Maidsafe’s role requires that knowledge to be expressed in programming which does not suit a lot of network engineers. Now if I knew RUST (> 1 year experience) and had NAT traversal experience I would even consider applying for the role. But at my age the old gray matter is not as sharp as it used to be and a younger mind would be better because of that and also more importantly the longevity needed for the role. (And I have caring duties at home)

Well the project is slower to implement. The role would be currently filled by multiple other developers applying what excellent skills they have in that area. With the network engineer then the project would be able to progress that much faster and have someone who can be an expert in that area.


Thanks for the informative post Neo


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I think hope in general is a bad habit. Do what you can do now and support the efforts of others you like who are working to take us the next rung up the ladder … and stop worrying about everything … it’ll only make you age faster! :wink:


Thanks for sharing this comment @janriemer. I think a lot of us here at maidsafe share David’s mindset when it comes to coding (and design in general).

It certainly is different from the prevailing mindset among many startups today (e.g. “Move fast and break things”). Thanks for the post :smile:


Hi @nicklambert , is Maidsafe a member or aiming to become a member at the Privacy industry group ? I can see that Maidsafe is following them on twitter… so maybe something is going on?


Possibly, we’re certainly taking a look at it.


Shouldnt Java API for Mobile Development be marked as done in the timeline tab on the website?


Any chance of seeing it on F-Droid as well? I prefer as little google contact as possible :slight_smile:


Any app that advertised itself as a SAFE network interface, will doubtless be banned by both Google and Apple the first time somebody uses SAFE to say anything that can be considered offensive to the people who inhabit silicon valley. So in that respect SAFE is stopped before it ever starts.

However, a ton of apps could use SAFE “under the hood”, and as these apps are banned by governments, corporations, and political activist groups, other apps will be unaffected.

The issue of free speech on phones will never be solved when Apple and Google are actively engaged in using their power to control the information people have. Certainly any SAFE Browser will instantly fall victim of this. But I am still hopeful that SAFE based apps can continue to briefly shine before being whacked down, in an endless game of whack-a-mole.


I think this is a fantastic opportunity for a new CEP.


Thanks, @starsmick. We have updated the website and the change should be live now.


It already does work that way. :slight_smile:

Authenticator is just an app that you use to create an account on the SAFE Network and register other apps. There’s nothing to ban it for, you can’t use it to post files and other things on the network.

And apps do use SAFE under the hood. They work independently from each other, and each app maintains its own connection to the SAFE Network. As for the SAFE Browser: well, you already can browse illegal content and post bad things on the clearnet using well-known browsers such as Firefox, but no one thinks about banning them. So I don’t think it would be a problem really.


Not to mention onion browser apps that exist and are semi popular.


@maidsafe Yall may want to revise this page:

The exchanges listed, cryptopia was hacked and I believe going under, hitbtc too stopped processing large number of withdraws. So polo/open ledger may be the only 2 legitimate ones.

Edit - Yeah cryptopia is RIP just go to the homepage.


I don’t see anything on their homepage yet other than:

"Important Announcement
14th January 2019, the Cryptopia Exchange suffered a security breach which resulted in significant losses. Once identified, the exchange was put into maintenance while we assessed damages.

Cryptopia has notified and is cooperating with the appropriate government agencies, including the NZ Police and High Tech Crimes Unit. Please see their media release below."

Where does it say they have ceased trading?

I had also heard that HitBTC had stopped some withdrawals during the proof of keys campaign, but wasn’t aware this is still the case with MAID?

Thanks in advance for the info.