SAFE Network Dev Update - January 10, 2019


Don’t underestimate @maidsafe team. They said it’s around the corner, so don’t be pessimistic :wink:


thank god Thursdays are back! :blush:


Excellent news. A good solid update to kick off 2019. Thank you all from David on down.


lets just hope the corner is not few months long


Well, it probably will be. SAFE is a very tricky project.

I have a lot of faith in the MaidSafe team, but we all have to be prepared for a long wait.


Do something to make it happen instead of whining then. Can you join in with community vaults[Launch of a community safe network] ?
You will get plenty help and encouragement if you have got the bandwidth or can afford to get some AWS or Digital Ocean resources


Ah nice, an interview with CryptoBeadles. Lots of views there. Also a lot of Hashgraph vids and fans, so be prepared! :slight_smile:
He has is own crypto project as well


It’s minimum few months lol


so how can they call it right around the corner lol


because several months in the background of 12 years are around the corner :wink:


Need to ask them what is time frame “around the corner”, but we know that maidsafe like to take a time :slight_smile:


thats not how you should make updates. Over this period of time 12 years- alot of people have lost interest and hope in this project, maybe some more will loose hope if this corner will be very long… just sayin


They have just had a Christmas break, as they articulated they would. They were eating mince pies and drinking whiskey. You need to get your expectations in check.

FWIW, I had 2 weeks with my family and didn’t touch a line of code. It was great too!


Great update to start 2019! Thanks team!


Not maybe, some will for sure, depending on the length of time. All we can do is keep going and keep working as hard and SMART as we can. No more and hopefully no less.


And that is no more we can ask from you guys! We will wait patiently on the next update, and the next until we stop waiting and can start using it!

I hope everyone had some great holidays and looking forward to the developments of this year!


Great start to the year, SAFE. The android thing is huge. Access from mobile is obviously critical to wide adoption and this is a major first step. Looking forwards very much to this year’s developments. Keep truckin’!


If you go back and look at what has been accomplished over the last 12 years it’s pretty breathtaking. I’m not an engineer or developer. I can understand things conceptually—at best—most of the time. I know that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for some, but I think it’s fairly obvious that this team is not only more than capable but also kicking major, hardcore ass at every level. So excited for 2019.


I could be a smart-ass and say at least we get updates with substance. But we all know this anyhow, including yourself I assume.

Updates and timings are always a major pain in the ass for any large long term project. Just read up on some of the major construction projects that were 10-20+ years long and they only had to give updates to the money suppliers. The media updates were fluff usually.

This was/is a research&development project and a lot of work to be done to bring it to completion in a way that sees it working first time securely without bugs that could destroy the network. This is what makes it more difficult and time consuming, the requirement for whats produced to be secure from hacking when it launches.

The community network shows that we could have a pseudo-safe network almost tomorrow, but honestly it would not be minimally complete and I’m sure quite hackable, especially since it is not even using PARSEC.

Still if you look back over the last 12 months then we can see a lot more progress in areas separate to PARSEC implementation and just as necessary for alpha 3/4 and beyond.

The trimmings are also being made with increase in UX/UI developers and their development needed for the future test/releases. There is marketing staff increases required for the future. And could continue with a list of things done in 2018 in other code developments.

This network is not a software project where the emphasis is on releasing a product in order to get the funds flowing in so they can actually complete the product (like 99% of s/w projects out there). Those products are usually bug ridden and easy to hack. Remember vista, it was an alpha product released by microsoft to keep the money flowing (and full of sh*t).

SAFE cannot be like that, if it was then they could release now and continue. But if it released now then the network would need multiple restarts due to problems (eg no PARSEC) and multiple hacks and spam attacks. Basically more people would leave than will by making people wait until SAFE is actually secure and ready for the hackers/spammers to attack.


Great update for the beginning of the year with all the holidays and so on.

Hoping for alpha 3 & 4 this year seeing as progress seems to be well on track.

And Happy New Year to all the development team, marketing team and any others (Nick etc)