SAFE Network Dev Update - February 7, 2019

By done I mean already in code and being tested :+1:


Takes me back to school and peching my way along at cross country…

Thanks for nuttin, pal

Just kidding…

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Not a bad idea but isn’t this how it used to work BEFORE you guys created a seperate dedicated dev forum? So you had one forum where everyone was together, devs and community alike, and then you split it into dedicated areas and now you want to bring them back together again. Does that about sum it up?

Yes I think having the devs work along side the non techie folk is a good idea. That being said I think more emphasis should be put on tutorials and say that SAFE Acadamy project that was proposed awhile back. One of the problems I’ve had with the updates is a) Too many acronyms (without any reference to definitions) and b) a lot of skipping over details. There’s a lot of references to projects and terminology that doesn’t get defined. That’s fine if you’re a dev but if you’re a newbie or someone who is in the middle somewhere definitions are important, even if all you do is link to a glossary at the bottom (Do we even have one of those?).


To add to that
We need a sticky that shows the latest versions of the browser, Web Hosting Manager (took me a while to work out WHM)and other projects like SAFEDrive with working links to the downloads.


This project desperately needs a “public editor” whose job would be to stay on top of these kind of information links so important to public perception, understanding and confidence. Constantly scanning source material (MaidSafe web pages, official forum posts, etc.) searching for reference material in need of updating or clarification would be the main task.


Mmmm I think we have @DGeddes for if I’m not mistaken. Also, how is malice detection going? Still being tested or are more forms being implemented? In IDEAL conditions, roughly how far would you say we are from flemming? @maidsafe

Months, Half a year, etc?

Wow, I might have to pull back a bit on my guestimate of Fleming by the end of June. Great work to all the Devs

I hope youre not right with this timelime

Hope for short timeframe, but be prepared for longer.


Maybe the answer is to split the updates too, rather than try to cater for to many different needs in one post or one forum.

For example, a short weekly update that mentions the areas being worked on, any notable things to report, and ends with a short summary of the road map, and finally a proforma section of definitions that make it possible for anyone to understand what is referred to above. At the very end, a suitable ‘here be dragons’ link to the latest…

… longer, less frequent (bi-weekly?), in depth technical update.

BTW @Blindsite2k, don’t assume devs understand everything in the updates. Some might but I certainly don’t, and I often skim sections. Over time I’ll grasp more, but also forget areas, so for me it is useful to have stuff posted that I don’t understand. It is an easy way to learn when you don’t need to understand something right away: just read every week and let it soak in.

This is a very good idea IMO. I’m supposed to be a clever Dev :joy:, and the difficulty of knowing where the downloads are, and which versions are needed for each other, or for a particular feature has wasted a lot of my time every so often, even though I’m fairly rigorous at keeping notes and maintaining a list of releases I’ve downloaded. When to use NODE_ENV, and now whether to set it to dev or test adds to the problems. I do it right the first time, but when I come back to something after a couple of weeks break I find it hard to know where to start and will forget about the incantations, or how they’ve changed.

I do keep notes of what I’m working on but they don’t always capture all the nuances and can become unwieldy when I try to. I work on many different things, and they tend to have subtle differences or pitfalls, for me anyway.

I think things are stabilising and becoming more consistent, but I think Willie’s suggestion would help, particularly for those who haven’t got used to the complexity of developing in Nodejs, or multiple platforms, or just the roles of the different apps being provided to help us evaluate and develop. It must be even harder for those wanting to try stuff out.

As a Dev I can’t always keep what I’m working on in a state ‘anyone’ can easily pick up, so I understand there will always be hurdles in the way of the eager, and we have to understand that too.

I want to add that what I’m seeing is both very exciting, impressive, and coming together into what I believe will be a superb user experience. I wish I had time to play with more of it, especially the Solid and RDF aspects, but I’ve bitten off other big things and they take all my SAFE time atm.


Maybe we could kill two+ birds with one stone and create a glossary wiki to include links to the latest versions where appropriate. Anyone who doesn’t understand an abbreviation or technical term could make a request for a definition, and someone at MaidSafe whose on top of the latest releases could ensure the latest version of the software is always listed and linked.


I would hope we don’t use these without reference in updates, unless they are really well known in the art so to speak (like tcp or blockchain etc.). I don’t though think anyone who is here cannot select the acronym right click and XXX search for said acronym. Plug to search here of course :wink: It is generally faster/easier and less clicks than a wiki as well :smiley: :smiley:

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Yes and no, not all devs in maidsafe agree with brining it back together. It has been suggested and so we put it forward for comment.


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Young but improving though.

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I see a market for safe://qwant.


I wanted to congratulate the MaidSafe team for working with such high level of integrity. I love it when you take fresh solutions developed in the DLT space and assimilate them on the fly.

It’s not about arriving first, it is about arriving.


Nice update Maidsafe devs

:clap: :clap: :clap:

@maidsafe maybe might also give some inspiration about upgradeables (Theirs is Ethereum smartcontract upgrades, but who knows)…



I had not seen this.

Thank you

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I expect to be wrong but I dont know which way