SAFE Network Dev Update - February 6, 2020

Yes, until and if we do a SAFE CA then these will be removed from vaults. With effective upgrades all that network name stuff will be gone.


I am very much looking forward to some public test nets :star_struck:

So good to hear API’s are ripening and the NuGet package getting stable!

All the token and label stuff is extremely exciting and it’s great to hear the speed of progress, working the flexibility into the SAFE Network App. Amazing effort from the whole @maidsafe team.

Neat too that the whittling down of quic-p2p to bare elements will have such multifaceted benefits, notably the future considerations of restarts and upgrades.



Yeah, it’s funny how us non-techies have to track down the significance on some information via the reactions of others. A form of decentralization in a way: I cannot understand the core nugget of information but I see how someone else strongly sees it, so it must be true and good! :wink:

Oh yeah, and thanks for the team for the good work!


This might be one of those stupid RTFM questions, but I’ll risk it. What is NuGet and what is it good for? It looks very Microsofty to me.


It is a microsoft package manager. Like npm cargo apt rpm etc. but for microsoft


While NuGet was created by M$, it may be more accurate to say NuGet is for .NET / CLR. It seems like NuGet packages can be used with Mono, for example.
(although Mono is sponsored by Microsoft now…)


I don’t know Github well, but wouldn’t it be possible to just link all the separate projects to where the three shared projects used to be? Stick links to,,, etc.
on ? The links would get updated automatically, wouldn’t they?

@JimCollinson see SAFE Coin vs SAFECoin bellow from

SAFE Maxwell Network

The release of SAFE Maxwell builds on top of Fleming and enables the network to upgrade, improves security and sets the ground work for switching test SAFE Coin to real SAFEcoin.


It may be preferable to keep it as two words.


With English rules, Safecoin as one world would be pronounced Saffecoin. Or safe eh coin or sahfaycoin or safe eh cwahn. Or anything anyone wants!


Thanks for the great update Maidsafe devs,

Always good to hear news about a new testnet coming up. :partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how Siri reads it to me :joy: I think people get it though.

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Really? Are you sure? Is that the Queen’s English or American English?


IMO it’s neither, but what do I know!


WOW are we finally moving into Maxwell Network!?

Not quite yet, Fleming first. I think its close but then I always do!


This will be awesome but it will also piss the banks off so fracking much (not to mention law enforcement), especially if it can be paired with a system to easily convert safecoin to and from other forms of cryptocurrency (and thus buy and sell for fiat). Even better if you can buy or sell safecoin directly for fiat currency which should come pretty quick if you can just hand them a DBC cheque for x amount of safecoin in person. (Can you? I’m a bit fuzzy on how that actually works. Or is it a file you store on a thumbdrive?)

Great update with lots of exciting nuggets. Wishing continued courage, inspiration, and most of all good health to the whole team. The last leg of the race can oftentimes be the most difficult. You’ve been chugging along with far less resources and recognition than your competitors, and few truly understand your struggle and sacrifice. It will truly be an inspiring shock when you emerge with a far greater product despite not just the lack of fanfare and money but being left for dead. Looking forward to that day for you


There are (or was at one time) these prepaid visa vanilla cards that if you pay with cash are relatively anonymous.
I think of DBC’s as the same kind of opportunity plus some. Imagine a kiosk that printed out different denominations of DBC Safecoin notes, if you pay with a debit or credit card then the traditional system know who purchased it but if you treat it like cash and transact with others then they don’t know who’s note was spent where (unless you bought it and then immediately spent it at an establishment that accepted them) and also the network doesn’t know any better who purchased a DBC and spent that on the network.
There could also be prepaid DBC Safecoin gift cards and this would likely be far more easily achievable and more inconspicuous, with that comes being overlooked or not fully understood by consumers and needing press and marketing to target audiences using traditional methods to get common folk to understand what they are and why they need them. The digital currency crowd and crypto blog/publications would pick up this kind of story, maybe it would catch the attention of crypto influencers on YouTube and twitter but you could also sponsor them to talk about it which seems to work well imo. Point is the early adopters and new coming retail investors in the digital asset space would be the first target market. DBC Safecoin prepaid gift cards would be such an awesome Christmas gift. I would certainly try to get people to trade and accept DBC Safecoin notes everywhere I went too. If the FED officially digitizes the dollar and cash starts being transitioned out, America would be a ripe market for a DBC Safecoin denominated note. Americans are crazy about cash. “Cash is king” is a common saying here.

I see so much potential here. A long road but so much potential.


Whit the last AML/CFT obligations I doubt very much that can legally sell these kinds of cards or at best, they should be of very little value. If, in addition, it is part of an anonymous system, the difficulty increases.
Perhaps by selling it as a “Data Storage Voucher” there would be a small chance of being allowed to do so.