SAFE Network Dev Update - February 6, 2020

You can sense David’s ever more and more experienced, applied ingenuity in his direction of separating Network functions, not doubling up on performance where none is needed—all while simultaneously knowing when to limit refactoring for these individual parts. I love Thursdays.


This is music to my ears


Music to my ears! Thanks for all your hard work, team!

Edit: just read comments and it looks like people like this tune! :grin:


Seems to me Jams could make a playlist from this update :musical_note: :drum: :rofl:


I don’t have a clue what it all means but the comments above are excited, so I am too​:grin::grin::grin:


Great update as usual. A small interrogation though:

Currently vault config file uses a network config from routing which is a reexport of quic-p2p config which contains a certificate. Then certificate of each of our peers is provided in its NodeInfo structure.

So, what does this mean?

  • peer certificates will not be available to safe_vault anymore

  • or they will be still available, but there will no code using it

I ask this question because a network name was managed in the past to avoid accidental insertion of a vault in the wrong network. Such a name is not managed anymore, but could be stored in the certificate. Another use case could be the opportunity for vaults to store complementary data in this certificate, like a vault name.


Weekly update already? Seems like I just read last weeks a couple of days ago!

As always great developments. I’m particularly interested in the DBC work. I know peeps said in previous comments of previous updates not to waste any effort making safecoin a DBC, but I think I’m in the other camp on this one. If we’re going to have DBC’s, then why not make safecoin one? Don’t mean to dredge up a debate here - ATM it seems DBC’s are still in the early research phase, but if it get’s past that point before Fleming, then I hope it will be considered seriously - it’s just too awesome a tool I reckon and would one up all other crypto’s by an additional order of magnitude … so why the **** not!?

Thanks for all the hard work team Maidsafe! :star_struck:


To extend a bit on this (originally I had a question but these links covered it)

From RFC0056 Secure Message Delivery: “In this RFC we make no distinction between close sections (neighbours) authority and remote sections. They all work in the same manner as far as section proofs go. However neighbours connect to each other and this requires neighbours know who makes up the Elder group in addition to recognising the aggregate public key of an elder group. The other difference for neighbours is that we push notifications of membership changes to them.”

This routing github issue: Have no neighbours, only local section and remote sections


There is also wild update on Routing Issue board

Node Ageing Closed
Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Improvements Closed
fleming Open

With added all issues from these two projects and some new :grinning:


Yes, until and if we do a SAFE CA then these will be removed from vaults. With effective upgrades all that network name stuff will be gone.


I am very much looking forward to some public test nets :star_struck:

So good to hear API’s are ripening and the NuGet package getting stable!

All the token and label stuff is extremely exciting and it’s great to hear the speed of progress, working the flexibility into the SAFE Network App. Amazing effort from the whole @maidsafe team.

Neat too that the whittling down of quic-p2p to bare elements will have such multifaceted benefits, notably the future considerations of restarts and upgrades.



Yeah, it’s funny how us non-techies have to track down the significance on some information via the reactions of others. A form of decentralization in a way: I cannot understand the core nugget of information but I see how someone else strongly sees it, so it must be true and good! :wink:

Oh yeah, and thanks for the team for the good work!


This might be one of those stupid RTFM questions, but I’ll risk it. What is NuGet and what is it good for? It looks very Microsofty to me.


It is a microsoft package manager. Like npm cargo apt rpm etc. but for microsoft


While NuGet was created by M$, it may be more accurate to say NuGet is for .NET / CLR. It seems like NuGet packages can be used with Mono, for example.
(although Mono is sponsored by Microsoft now…)


I don’t know Github well, but wouldn’t it be possible to just link all the separate projects to where the three shared projects used to be? Stick links to,,, etc.
on ? The links would get updated automatically, wouldn’t they?

@JimCollinson see SAFE Coin vs SAFECoin bellow from

SAFE Maxwell Network

The release of SAFE Maxwell builds on top of Fleming and enables the network to upgrade, improves security and sets the ground work for switching test SAFE Coin to real SAFEcoin.


It may be preferable to keep it as two words.


With English rules, Safecoin as one world would be pronounced Saffecoin. Or safe eh coin or sahfaycoin or safe eh cwahn. Or anything anyone wants!


Thanks for the great update Maidsafe devs,

Always good to hear news about a new testnet coming up. :partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue: