SAFE Network Dev Update - February 28, 2019

Thanks for the great update Maidsafe devs.

What an incredible undertake this SAFE Network thing, just seeing the crates overview… :dizzy_face:

Thanks a lot for helping with the Authenticator issue this week :sweat_smile:



Anyone know if the list of Jira tasks are up to date? I mean there are many tasks which are still on the ,to do, list for Milestone 2, like: Create Observation enum that is transparent to Parsec or Change PARSEC APIs to allow routing to participate in malice detection. There was supposed to be also Milestone 3 if Im not misstaking, where did all this go?

Anyone know if the list of Jira tasks are up to date?

It’s generally reasonably up-to-date although some tasks do slip through the cracks sometimes. I just went over the TODO tasks and closed a few that we fixed but forgot to update the Jira status for. Should be quite reliable right now.

There was supposed to be also Milestone 3

I don’t think we ever mentioned or planned a milestone 3.

Milestone 2 pretty much means PARSEC is feature complete (dynamic membership + malice + perf + testing + doc + whitepaper improvements).

If anything, we have the common coin work that’s not planned for a specific milestone yet so it could either go into milestone 2 or be its own milestone later but except for that, no milestone 3 on the horizon for PARSEC :wink:


Thanks for reply, and for the most of the open tasks like for example , Functional test – estimates, is this a part of the test nets?


Currently these aren’t on the high priority list. Partly because we’re pretty confident they’re OK given the integration tests we have. When we code these tests, the purpose will be: “reduce tech debt/increase maintainability” rather than “convince ourselves the code is correct”. They won’t block a testnet.


I was woundering if those functional tests must to be done before the testnet can start, same goest to all other like for instance: Extract auxiliary_values function