SAFE Network Dev Update - February 21, 2019


Thank you, @davidpbrown! I just tried the name with the dot and it went through. :joy: Let’s work together to make SAFE Network a success! :wink:


Also thank you to @upstate, @Secretariat415 and @dlux! (Trying not to flood the forum :joy:)

Indeed it looks like an exciting time for MaidSafe and the SAFE Network, I’m very happy to come aboard at such a time. :smile:


Yeh, it definitely makes the transition much smoother.

I’d heard horror stories about typescript compilation times, but I’ve never tried it, ‘raw’ so to speak. But this way of using it as a test (which you can run separately to any build process, as and when you’re ready), really sounds ideal to me. I’m excited to start getting types in and reaping the benefits!

And aye, as we get that going we should look to transition in other repos too!


I’ve never had this issue, but it might be due to limited-sized codebases. Vue with hot-reloading seemed to do it fine. I believe it’s an outdated problem, Microsoft worked hard on optimizing the compiler after the most basic features were in. It might also depend on whether you compile everything to a single file or compile every file individually. Individually would be more like how Makefiles work I assume.

I actually hardly compile TypeScript anymore because you can run TypeScript just like Node.js with ts-node, same for tests.


I want to recommend this presentation of Tor on FOSDEM to the crust team @nbaksalyar @ustulation @povilasb @douglas.santos , if they haven’t seen it yet. It discusses heavily how to get around for example Chinas firewall and which methods some countries use in attempt to block Tor.

Thanks @draw for recomending this video in previous dev update.

As for the future I would also recommend @dirvine and @nicklambert to watch this presentation if they have not yet watched it. I think when SAFE-network get launched, it would benfit from lobbying who speaks for the SAFE-network and try to give organisations and countries who could see SAFE-netowork as a threat, to give them reason for benefits why they should support the network. The guy from Tor have had alot of talks with political, defense organisations, human rights and so on, giving them different benefits for supporting the tech from the needs they have.


Great update Maidsafe devs,

And welcome @douglas.santos

@dirvine had the shortest time and delivered an infinite message into the audible universe. Moreover these kids on clearnet are making it so easy :rofl: for the SAFE Network



Thanks for another week’s work everyone!

Exciting to see people really starting to build interesting things on top of the network as well, looking forward to testing things out when I get a minute.

Just a quick question I’ve been wondering about for a while. Not sure if it’s a dumb one because it’s pretty obvious and I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere, but is there a mobile browser in the pipeline or in existence?


At the moment there is a PoC SAFE Authenticator on mobile, but we don’t yet have a mobile browser released. Company wide discussions about future front end releases beyond Fleming, which is a technical network release, are currently ongoing, but a mobile browser has featured in those discussions.



Was just thinking that everyone is so mobile orientated these days, and that’s where we all show off things, so would be a nice way to spread the word. I guess the difference between a native app on the clearnet and one on SAFE doesn’t seem so immediately obvious as the difference between going ‘on the internet’ or ‘on the safe network.’ (if that makes sense!)


Yes totally agree, providing Client access via mobile is essential. Once we have the sequence of events agreed we’ll let everyone know.


@joshuef what do you think about a mobile browser? Do you think using beaker again would be the way you go? It looks like beaker doesn’t have a mobile version yet. And the original SAFE Browser was built from scratch, right?

Where do you think a mobile browser for SAFE would start? :iphone:

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@whiteoutmashups Whatever happens with a mobile browser, it most certainly wont be built from beaker (as the original SAFE Browser was), as it’s based on electron which is desktop only.

I’m not sure where it would start. I’ve got limited (~ zero :stuck_out_tongue:) mobile dev knowledge, so that’s probably more of a Q for our mobile guys ( cc. @AshwinKumar )


Hey @whiteoutmashups, We haven’t started the SAFE mobile browser development yet as it’s not the part of the current milestone. We might consider this in our upcoming milestones and for starting either we’ll look into some existing open source mobile browsers or build from scratch.