SAFE Network Dev Update - February 20, 2020

@dirvine do you happen to know when we can expect a new release version of safe-api? I’m looking for this PR: to make it in to a stable build.


Yes, once we have Rust safe-api exposing async functions we’ll find a way to expose the safe-nodejs APIs to return Promises. Last time I checked Neon it was not supporting Promises yet, so we’ll need to find some way to do it, but the idea is that those functions exposed by safe-nodejs would be returning Promises.

Current plan for next release of safe-api and safe-cli is to be when we release baby fleming, this is so we can fully focus on such release.


Hi Bochaco, so the planning is to launch the Baby Fleming next week??

Naughty, trying to commit the devs to a timescale!!
Tssk tssk. ** smack wrist *** :grin:

It can’t come soon enough and I think they are nearly there but they will not and should not give any definite timing, otherwise folks just moan if/when the promised delivery date is missed.

Nice try though…


Nice update as usual :slight_smile: great work Maidsafe team!


26th. Wohoooo😒


Can anyone give the TLDR of baby flemming vs original flemming and what the difference is there? Assuming some features included in flemming are going to be a bit more time consuming but in the spirit of iterative releases baby flemming will forgo them so we can at least get external testers in a current iteration of the ecosystem(to get feedback/bug reports in the here and now) to help towards the full flemming release?


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@gouda123 The release date for Fleming was already announced here so no need for you to keep speculating every Thursday.

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It will be as far along as we can possibly get. I should explain a bit. So we have 2 sides, the client and data side. That’s progressing separate from the backend stuff we need. Some of the guys who worked mainly in front end or client side are also now pushing the backend with a ton of great work, such as network launcher and so on.

As the backend looks steady then baby Fleming is born. The capabilities of it will be heavily dictated by progress in data types/lables and more. So it’s a moving target and we are faster that way as we keep all teams moving as fast as possible and not stopping to wait on the other teams, if that makes sense.

We could pause to create a release schedule and so on, but I am against that as I prefer everyone work as hard as possible for full Fleming. In saying that baby fleming will have a ton of great tools that will allow folk to run full networks, local networks and more. This all gives us more testers as we progress at pace.


Here you go:

As you can see from the pic on the left hand side, baby Fleming was released in 1881 … anymore questions?


Was it that obvious?? :sweat_smile:


Yip … :wink:


Thanks for the insights David. From the previous updates it looked as if the release was mainly blocked by a memory related bug. However since last update it hasn’t been mentioned anymore. Were you able to solve this issue or what other release criteria do you have? How do you define “steady”?



When we are comfortable there is something worthwhile

Not falling over straight away :wink:

Some folk might want some official release paperwork, blog posts, twitter stuff, etc. like we used to do, but that all adds/days/weeks when you add it all up. Right now we are all about speed of delivery and will probably remain like that through beta. It’s OK to shout even after it releases IMO. No need to delay the release for anything, not even a Friday or best release day etc.


Sorry David, I’m going to need some sort of certificate of release and an artistic hot air balloon display writing the release date in the sky. If you can’t manage that, I’m not sure what we’re even doing here.


Glad to hear the issue could be solved. Thanks for the clarification.


“run baby fleming” ohhhh so cute!


Any day is possibly update day :partying_face:


David seems in good mood that must also indicate things are going well I guess

Sorry best we can do is me dressing up in a chicken suit playing the Phantom of the Opera theme on a badly tuned ukelele .

Like it or lump it.