Safe Network Dev Update - February 18, 2021

In my book, they just skipped having to do days/weeks of excess/redundant work by – at the last second before an otherwise release of a test net – deciding to include rewards in the future test net. This is because it would take the length of those days/weeks to realize, during it: “Yes, good progress. But now we need to focus on including rewards AND keep an eye on interesting developments in this Test Net Without Rewards.” Now they don’t have to worry about that extra workload—until the best possible test net, that can be both a test net and a more exclusive focus towards a test net.

Maybe they’ll realize they can add Upgrades and Network Restarts next, and continue delaying test nets :stuck_out_tongue: (I am kidding).

Hopefully the continued integration of all components becomes less overwhelmingly unknown, as they branch together to form visible certainties! The evolution beyond PARSEC continues, and it’s damn impressive that the horizon is already being said to become the savanna in just over half a year; it really should come as no surprise that there is still work to be done. But not for long, as far as being able to begin colonization. Some of the travelers (mav, etc.) are already marching with the team onward to that destination, providing much needed water for their philanthropic thirst.


This Testnet looks like, we will release It only when this become full release lol


Just amazing how you guys keep going. Your persistence is baffling! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


A truly impressive mixing of metaphors there :slight_smile:

And all true - loved that post - one like is not enough :slight_smile:


It won’t be far off but it still needs to actually be tested, especially the tokenomics. It needs to be proven stable and safe in the wild, discover bugs or blockers and then iterate until it’s polished enough to be a beta. Part of the process.


We won’t have upgrades etc. but apart from that feature complete. Lots of small stuff, browser upgrade API etc. but upgrades should be the only missing feature.

However, test and debug will not be 1 or 2 weeks, I expect that to be at least 6 weeks (could be 6 months, just in case I am quoted :wink: ) and maybe more. That will take us to Beta I hope. Let’s see though.


That’s super :ok_hand: this next testnet sounds like it will be the real deal. Take your time and get it right. Super update :+1:keep it up :point_up_2::point_up_2:


Happy to hear this! Also, when hearing already yesterday that the testnet is not going to happen today, it is now natural for me to focus on what has been done, instead of getting caught in thinking what is not done - yet.

P2P byzantine-fault-tolerant distributed filesystem prototype is quite a mouthful, but sounds incredibly cool!

It’s nice that Davis Rusu’s name is finally out, because I have wanted to recommend checking out his site … and I would like to know if there is a name for a site like that?

In general all the progress in CRDT front sounds to me like the professionals in that area should soon become very interested in Safe Network project.

All in all, cutting the cutting edge, all the time. Good job! :beers:


I’m enjoying the small community vibe we have here whilst it lasts. Make the most of it folks. We will be grains of sand in the dessert when we release. We will look back on the early days with a sense of nostalgia. Like the band you loved that made it big.

Keep on trucking Devs.


Great to hear all about the progress. Great work guys!


Here’s a link to the tweet supporting this week’s dev update, so you can like, retweet, and comment!


I agree.

I came across this crdt gem the other day: Data Laced with History: Causal Trees & Operational CRDTs

CRDTs pointed to a paradigm shift in the network’s role for document collaboration

This means that all the computation can be pushed to the edges of the network, transforming the tangle of devices, protocols, and connections at the center of it all into a dumb, hot-swappable “transport cloud”. As long as a document finds its way from device A to device B, sync will succeed. In this world, data has primacy and everything else has to orbit around it!

Could this be the chance to finally break free from the shackles of cloud computing? It always felt like such an affront that our data had to snake through a tangle of corporate servers in order to reach the devices right next to us. We used to happily share files across applications and even operating systems, and now everything was funneled through these monolithic black boxes. What happened? How did we let computing become so darn undemocratic ? It had gotten so bad that we actually expected our content and workflows to regularly vanish as companies folded or got themselves acquired! Our digital assets—some our most valuable property—were entirely under management of outside, disinterested parties.


How many full-time devs are working on the project nowadays?


The team is 14 in all at the moment with 1 Exec admin, but even that position is super important. Sharon saves us all loads of time and has our back. Jim on design, Stephen all over the place keeping the ship together.


Yes, it’s a big step in the right direction for sure. To me off line first, then add in things like threshold_sigs/encrypt and we have some powerful tools. If we add BRB (Byzantine Reliable Broadcast - like AT2) when we require co-ordinated order we have a decent set of tools. For CRDT so far, Seq, Map, Tree etc. give us a decent start to make it easy for devs.

What we are looking to do is restrict CRDT’s to metadata only (pointers and descriptors) to protect them from holding actual data. That may change but for now it makes sense. So all data will be self encrypted (we need to force that better). This keeps the CRDT’s and state small as well.

[EDIT co-ordinated order meaning prevent doublespend. So some data types we can deterministically resolve conflicts (forks), but currency etc. we have to avoid them and BRB allows that]


I will try out the updated sn_api today and see if I can get a local network running. Will try to connect the Telegram: Contact @SafeNetworkWallet_bot again for demo purposes of the Safe Network CLI.


Some high level areas to be worked on:

  • Complete initial sn_fs/brb integration.
  • integration of BRB into safe network.
  • Make brb_membership to brb link 1:n instead of 1:1. ie support multiple brb datatypes per voting group.
  • Storing file content as XorData, in a CRDT compatible way.
  • ability to work offline, then come online and sync to/from network.
  • Sharing/Policies/ACLs
  • separate sn_fs and fuse, to make a filesystem API usable on any OS (without mount)
  • mount capability on windows, macos, etc. beyond linux.

Also, somewhere in there, we may need to move to using file-system level ops, rather than crdt_tree ops. Ie, we would send “mkdir” across the network rather than equivalent opmove(s).




Something that should be up in the OP but I forgot when noting down bits for the update :man_facepalming: :

@bzee has been firing in PRs getting sn_nodejs up to speed with the latest API changes, which is needed for the browser to be udpated. As well as taking a look into the limitations of the current lib, and seeing opportunities to improve things!.

Thanks @bzee! :tada: and apologies for missing your contributions in the OP.

(@maidsafe can we get that added upstairs please :bowing_man: )


David. This must be the first time ever in the many years i have followed the project you have given a timeline. Now i believe we are close. Dont tickle me pls :joy:

Thank you :pray: :relaxed: