SAFE Network Dev Update - February 14, 2019


Please don’t lynch me.

I am all for the sentiment behind honoring (Scottish) people who have contributed to society or excelled.

But lets not nerd out to the point that the name does not relate to average joe and a global audience.
(and global team)


Bugger that,




I think it’s the crappy weather in Scotland. You either stay indoors and drink yourself to becoming an alcoholic or study and achieve. Here in Australia, the weather is fantastic so we drink outdoors and in parks often sleeping there or do coffee in all those hipster cafes. Study is not in our genes that’s why we import them via immigration.


I tried using the browser a little while ago, but then there wasn’t an operational network based on the SAFE Network design, just a number of “sites” apparently hosted on the project’s computers.

Have I missed something? (I mean, it wasn’t THAT long ago…)


As always, it’s so exciting to hear about all of the developments!!! You can just feel the momentum accelerating like a ship breaking out into open waters. :smile:

This is awesome! It would make the SAFE Network the first truly asynchronous platform—something people said was impossible. Is this idea something that would be implemented in Maxwell or saved for integration much later in development?


I would say a very high chance in Maxwell, we looked to include it in Fleming, but figured it cost too much for now and it was not necessary. It is superb to have this one cracked though. A big issue for sure.


Great update! Sounds like things are movin along. Let’s say SAFE Fleming is 100%. At what percentage would you say you’re currently at right now? Tough to give specifics but could you give a window? Maybe like 80-85%? Or better yet 90-95%?


Somewhere in the home stretch

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