SAFE Network Dev Update - February 13, 2020

Most probably Coronavirus … 1% of the humanity is quarantined… If I were you I would not waste my time wondering what other people were doing and I would look for masks and stock up on food…


Great update! Thanks so much for all your hard work everyone - enjoy your break @Jean-Philippe!

It was great to use the mobile browser again, especially as it feels fast and sharp. Test net phase 2a sounds close and it will be fantastic to give it a whirl and prove that the tech is coming together nicely!


Anyone dare to summarise whats left for Fleming, that is not clear for me any some others I think. I understand we will in a ,week or so have testnet of vault 2a phase, will there also be testnets of vault 2b, 3 and 4 in the future? How much coding is there between those phases or is it mostly testing. Phase 1 and 2a took more than 6 months so this remaining phases might take more right?.Is this something that anyone can guess? When i read some updates I feel there is still alot work for Fleming (many months), but some updates indicated we are much closer. Confusing stuff or Is it me?


Divide by zero… sounds like a great idea :+1:


don’t panic! :smiley: :smiley:


Burnout is so common amongst developers. We pour our hearts in to our work, every minor bug we come up against, every time an issue goes over a little over time, over time they build up in our minds to be much larger than they really are. Sometimes, with so much project ahead of us we can feel like we haven’t really accomplished anything at all.

It must be so hard working at such an open company, where all of your work is out in the open for critique and you’re pressed at an individual level for constant updates. The mood of the forum really lives or dies based not on whether there is progress, but on whether there is the appearance of progress. That level of pressure must be painful to shoulder at times, and I understand why someone might need to take time out to blow off some steam.

Especially for Jean Phillipe this must be difficult, being in a new country and away from family. At times when it’s all feeling too much it’s important to take a step back with the people you love and immerse yourself in recovering from the burnout. It sounds silly but at the times when I felt the lowest, something simple like walking my dog was cathartic and really helped to ground me.


Will other users be able to access these with a shared config?


I think if it has a public IP it should be possible, just like the MaidSafe hosted single-section network will be accessible. I’m hoping to be corrected by others if I’m wrong.


A very exciting update indeed, best wishes to @Jean-Philippe and well done to you and Maidsafe for choosing self care. Learning to do this is one of the most valuable skills in life, but increasingly difficult over time IMO as work and society have changed.


Great to see such a progress.

I actually thought that Vault 2a test network will enable to connect all Vaults, but there will be just one huge section :slight_smile:

@Jean-Philippe take the time-out thoroughly and responsibly!


Maybe this is just the start, I thought so too. But David mentioned they were looking at ways to push out tests as quickly as possible to us hungry monkeys.


This sounds interesting, I have been thinking of if nodes can rejoin after a minor lost connection due to updates, ISP infrastructure maintenance, power outage or other similar situations. Are sections capable of going into a Initiate/wait mode if a major power outage, in for example country, would happen? I have been thinking if there could be a similar initiate/wait mode for sections when splits/merges happens that would go on until a stable section structure have been reached. I know the merge function seems to have been dropped but just some thoughts.


It’s not relevant any more. Major partitions though are something we are aiming to handle. (section merges would require losing over 90% of nodes and all data, so no section merges ever needed).


Great update, great work. The updates described for Vaults Phase 2 are impressive.
Thank you team MaidSafe!

No, not possible to give a prediction that has any validity.

It’s not confusing. This was a great update. Many months is not a long time… " Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana"


I agree great update indeed, apart from that routing development will slow down due to one less active developer for some time.
@maidsafe what features will the testnet 2a provide to the user?

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It’s stage 1 for stage 2. If they work then light the cigars

sorry I dont understand what you mean

That’s okay. I don’t understand much of what’s on this forum either


Thanks for the hard work to all @maidsafe, hope you can get a decent break @Jean-Philippe

Been following this forum for a couple of years, and always hard to judge what’s round the corner, but starting to get the sense in the last few weeks reading updates that it really is the final tweaks that are happening now. Exciting as well to see something like Tokens going so quickly from RFC to close to implementation.

Good luck on the last few miles of the marathon everyone, and look after yourselves!


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon: