SAFE Network Dev Update - December 6, 2018


Same thought i had last year about this time this year… :rofl:


Yes but you were being a bit rash. I will be getting excited in late 2019 for what will eventuate after mid 2020


Concerning the performance improvements in Parsec. How big is the impact of cryptographic functions (encrypting, hashes) etc on the performance? Because, long term, hardware improvements on this front also will have a positive impact, I hope.
For example from Intel unveils a new architecture for 2019: Sunny Cove:

In 2019, Intel will release Core and Xeon chips built around a new architecture: the chips will add a bunch of new instructions to accelerate certain popular workloads such as cryptography and compression, with the company demonstrating 75-percent improvement in compression performance relative to prior-generation parts.


For sure it all helps. Right now we are just working to make sure it is the fastest of all BFT algorithms we know of. Not batch, but single votes/transactions to ensure a level playing field.