SAFE Network Dev Update - December 6, 2018


Heyo @joshuef I just noticed raptor doesn’t support JSON-LD, will that affect some of the work you’re doing on the Public Name System or making RDF more approachable in the DOM API?


Wow, awesome update! I love seeing the new members getting added. Keep it up!!


Beautiful as always, BTW, how it is going about performance side?


Very exciting!!! MaidSafe and The SAFE Network are a ship constantly moving forward with increasing velocity and clarity even while both the crypto market and traditional financial markets roll and roil in chaos and disarray. Fantastic update, as per usual :wink:

Oooo…the suspense! :smile:


It shouldn’t no, @Nigel.

For the time being we’ve rolled with JSON-LD for serialisation of RDF data on top of mutable data. Devs were still able to use whatever serialisation they like best, and it should remain the same.

With the work @nbaksalyar and @marcin are doing (as I understand) we’d be providing this functionality as part of the client libs APIs. So we’ll have a more uniform interface for RDF data, so instead of us needing to provide something that would work on our existing API layers / constructs (as we have in javascript… which meant another language might have to do similar), we should hopefully be able to provide ‘RDF’ data, and let the lower levels handle its storage on MD etc.

So this will probably simplify the individual language implementations, while letting devs work with whichever RDF format they find most appealing!

(And which for me is JSON-LD, hence my use for examples in the RFCs, but it really could be any serialisation).

edit. Missed part of your Q:

It should ideally make it simpler for language APIs to get RDF going. And depending on how things go could certainly help any language provide greater RDF functionality / flexibility. But we’ll have to see how things shape up!


Great update as always Maidsafe devs,

Welcome to the new team members (we can always use more super ants). :sweat_smile:


Nice update. Looks like the project is getting some momentum. New team members welcome!


Okay, good to hear. I was somewhat curious given what is being done in client libs is lower level and the front end is abstracted a ways. Thanks for the response. Every little bit helps me sort things out and others as well I’m sure.


Looking at this, I am pretty sure you have everyone with the exception of the new starts


Thank you for answering! :slight_smile:


Here’s something you might find helpful too! :slight_smile:


regarding the perfomance of PARSEC any idea what the approx TPS is looking like as of now?


@starsmick I’m curious to know too but the team is focusing on the efficiency/speed/performance currently so whatever figure they’d give, it would soon be better. I’d rather have a higher number in circulation once they feel they’ve done a good job optimizing. The other thing is I think TPS is related to network size so there will have to be some kind of comparable benchmark with other projects, I’m guessing. But TPS should outperform everything else given the network scales with disjoint sections.


Impressive list :face_with_monocle: I didn’t realize the team has grown that large by now :flushed:

Thank you for pointing it out!


No one increases burn rate this high unless its close to completion :thinking:


Thanks for the great developement done once again!

@dugcampbell I use Blockfolio to track my crypto and I haven’t received a Blockfolio signal from this update. Also the previous update was signaled quite a bit later - on the next week - which was a bit confusing as it starts with the words “This weeks update…”


Hey @Toivo, totally correct to bring this up, my fault :frowning: We’re trying to streamline the process of getting the updates out across the platforms and the process still isn’t as smooth as we need. The updates will be out today across the apps etc though and with the extra resources in the team etc by the end of this week, this should be on track on a weekly basis after this.


Thanks for your your response. Good to hear the process is getting streamlined.


Like many at my level, I suppose, the only thing I’m looking for when perusing these reports is a clue to when the development is going to move on to the next level. We’re all awaiting the BETA release, and I’d appreciate if these updates could contain a little section at the end containing a summary or the best available decent discussion on where we are on the time track towards release of a functional network.

I propose this be tagged on to the end under the heading:

How long before the SAFE Network is properly launched?


This time next year I will be getting very excited