SAFE Network Dev Update - December 20, 2018


No, there are several documents and they are internal conversations. Should be accurate and some point out deficiencies we think exist in other projects, given where they are in dev/release. We don’t want to make it a public thing to be publicly critical of others as we do wish to collaborate with projects as we move along. Where we find neat things then I am sure the Engineers will talk about those publicly, but these are Engineering opinions, internal to the team. We want the teams to be able to discuss privately these kinds of things and not have them opened up. It is just due to the economic impact it may have on some projects where it could seem like us being critical of them unfairly due to them not being involved.

Interesting idea mind you, but as they stand I think the Engineers would not be happy to make them public. Perhaps later we can create pro/con type lists of other projects as we see them. I would love such a list to be somewhere like wikipedia where projects can prove they do not have some cons or can add some pros etc.


@zeroflaw This code freeze is for the C# and Java libraries. It is independent of Alpha 3


Actually, this bit I expect we will be able to share as soon as we have the time to give it some polish (which may only be on the other side of the holidays). Although like @dirvine said, some of our conversations are too brainstormy and unfiltered for public consumption :grinning:


An amazing year that passed so fast! Thanks to @maidsafe members and all the users joining this forum for supporting and making everyone feeling in a big family. I have no doubt that a great future is ahead of us.
Enjoy the holiday guys! :tada: :santa:


You can say that again

See :slight_smile:

Seriously it was way way too fast. I am looking forward to some focus time in the next few days. Much to do and much more to learn. SAFE has done well this year, the teams in house are really taking shape and the strength of maidsafe this year is again stronger than the previous year. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, lets hope bigger is faster and more direct. I think it is :wink:


Thanks super :ant: family

This how it feels around here…

Merry Christmas



Thanks @19eddyjohn75 Brilliant! :wink:


Love this YouTube channel!!


@Future They have some sort of tutorial on how to make videos in their style which I thought would be cool to do as a community for SAFE someday.


Totally agree, love their style. Where can i find the tutorial?


It would be great to have a compare clearnet and SAFENet video from these guys. Explaining the benefits of the safe network. Including the difference between block chain tech and SAFENet.


I thought they had the tutorials on whom they collaborate with but I haven’t checked to be sure. It was awhile ago now so perhaps I’m misremembering. I found this on Reddit they say it’s called “flat design” they use abobe illustrator and animate the vector art in After Effects.

Link to some in the style of on youtube.


it’s been a phenomenal year. no shit, this project has been picking up
steam year after year. i can’t wait for 2019. see you then :wink:


It would be fun, if the community could sponsor a video explaining the SAFE Network in details in the future through these gals/guys (Kurzgezagt).

1 day and over a million views, “That’s just great marketing”

Of course we’ll also invite the viewers to download and try out the SAFE Network.

But this is more suitable when we got this :baby: up and running.

Great way to also inform people about farming…

Yeah I’ll put my money where my mouth is and absolutely also partly fund the video… :sweat_smile:

Spoiler alert: “I know someone with over a 100K followers (when lazy eddyjohn can’t onboard a 100K followers he just find someone with over a 100K followers :roll_eyes:) on Instagram, but it’s when super ants figure out how to engage with these followers that I’ll give a signal”



Just reminding of my proposal from two week’s ago about expanding the weekly Dev Update for the newbies: SAFE Network Dev Update - December 6, 2018


Thanks for the great update Maidsafe team and do have a great rest and holiday!

2018 has felt like a quick year, yet so much was accomplished - take stock of that during your break. With the new larger team, more still can be accomplished in 2019 … IMO 2019 is going to be an interesting year for the whole globe I think. So hunker down in the Ayr bunker, ignore the blizzard of news & distractions, and hammer out alpha 3 & 4 !!!


Nothing but respect for Team Maidsafe. 2018 was absolutely incredible. Let’s drop the hammer in 2019. Happy Holidays to all.



Happy new year, Maidsafe team and community!
2018 was a moving year for the SAFE-network, let’s make 2019 a defining year for the SAFE-network.
Happy new year to all of you!!! :snowflake::fireworks::champagne::cut_of_meat:


@nicklambert is there any shown interest from big companies to deploy their own safenetwork when its beyond beta and ready? I guess thats where the company is aiming to get the revenue from.


Wouldn’t that be “commercial in confidence”? So doubt you’ll hear about it till its done and that cannot happen till SAFE is released can it (since SAFE has to exist before companies can use it).

Also future revenue is already been stated to be from various commercial ventures such as applications for SAFE, commercial licences for Maidsafe technologies/licences, plus potential for non-SAFE projects.