Safe Network Dev Update - December 17, 2020

As usual Windows isn’t playing ball. Here’s the error on trying to create a Safe:

C:\Users\John>safe auth status  
Sending request to authd to obtain a status report...  
Safe Authenticator status  
Authenticator daemon version             | 0.0.13 |   
Is there a Safe currently unlocked?      | No     |      
Number of pending authorisation requests | 0      |          
Number of notifications subscribers      | 0      |                                                                                                                                                   
C:\Users\John>safe auth create --test-coins        
Sending request to authd to create a Safe...  

[2020-12-23T16:55:18Z ERROR safe] sn_cli error: [Error] AuthdError - [Error] ClientError - Unexpected: Could not connect to sufficient elders.

I’ll try on a different machine in a bit. Has anyone succeeded on Windows yet?

That may be a problem with the network not fully formed/bootstrapped, perhaps retry with killing all nodes ($ safe node killall), and starting the network again? (this doesn’t seems to be platform related).

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Different one now (after restarting)

`C:\Users\John>safe auth create --test-coins                                                             

Sending request to authd to create a Safe...                   
 [2020-12-23T17:20:21Z ERROR safe] sn_cli error: [Error] AuthdError - [Error] AuthenticatorError - Failed to store Safe on a Map: Data error -> Unexpected error: Cannot send zero-value transfers`

Did you make rm -rf ~/.safe?

I have several errors before deleting all the previous data. After that, work fine.

Yes I had a good cleanout before I started. I often have problems on this particular machine, so it may be something very specific to my setup. I’ll try a different one after a few more attempts.

Edit: It’s working now :+1: I found some old Maidsafe stuff in Appdata and got rid then restarted everything. No idea if that’s what solved it, but I’m on the road.


@happybeing Latest vdash builds in Windows using the --features=crossterm flag, but it seems to be static, ie it takes a single snapshot of the logfiles rather than displaying the data in realtime. Is that to be expected?

Edit: Deja vu - guess I need to set the log levels before launching the network. Vdash - Node dashboard for Safe Network - #9 by JPL

Edit: working


Impressive response time John.

We have a vacancy on the support desk if you get made redundant.


Well, I was rather planning on a life of impoverished ease and homebrew


I’m so happy guys, decentralized internet is coming. It is a big event!


Well I’m not. As long I can’t run gitportal on a safe network LAN, I’m not a @happybeing.

I consider the safe network worthless at the moment.

Well it’s meant to be worthless now since it is not launched yet.


The potential of it being useful in the future is what gives it worth now. That is the risk vs reward people are speculating on.

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@Traktion @sam1

Don’t get me wrong, I see it’s potential.
But the fact that constantly feels like it’s almost useful frustrates me to no end.

It feels close though, right? I see David was committing changes even on Christmas day. It feels like there is a real will to get this test net over the line.


Could you tell to normal non techy person, does maidsafe work show something big is coming or its just little thing they managed to do in these years? Could we see all something in near future or It’s only mirage? Because I’m here for 4 years and want real smell of product… Every time it looks so close, but it never come to live

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How non-techy is a normal non-techy person?

Have you used the Alpha 1 and 2 versions,
the community edition and the shared node of Vault phase 1 and to what extent?

What’s coming is definitely big for me who wants to create websites and apps on them and use other people’s apps.

They’re not doing little things.
It’s like they’re trying to create a 3D-printer that can churn out skyscrapers and they started out with your standard 3D-printer that can create plastic beer coasters in 6 hours, with sanding.
They’ve changed the machine to handle cement, got rid of the box model and went for the “tentacle model” for flexibility, made it hundreds of times faster, gave it better resolution, etc…

Those are huge changes to their initial machine, which has cost them enormous amounts of time and effort to redesign.

And currently to me it looks they are getting close enough for me to build tool sheds and toilet stalls next week/month, with their last redesign having started six to three months ago.


As Antonopoulos once said … “it will be ready when my grandmother can with a swipe use it”


I’m really grateful for the incredible amount of work that so many people have put into the Safe Network over all these years.

Your work is invaluable, and has the potential to change the future for the better on a massive scale.


Wow, 7 years since the initial crowd sale and this project is still a test net. I guess it could’ve been worse but still…damn son

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:joy: and people still believe