SAFE Network Dev Update - December 13, 2018


The job description doesn’t seem to be posted on the careers page, I know some people who might have the skills needed.Could you please post it up or send over details?


@victoria should be able to help with this one Oscar


Hey Oscar,

Fantastic, thanks for getting in touch :smiley:

The roles and responsibilities of the Network Engineer role are the same as the ones on our website. However, with this role we are looking for individuals to have experience in the following technical areas:

  • Expert in Network Programming, specifically involving async/non-blocking paradigms
  • Have experience of NAT traversal and know as much about the network-concepts as possible
  • Have knowledge of modern rust paradigm of tokio/futures
  • Have good background in working with network libraries esp in Rust
  • Have detailed knowledge of TCP/UDP
  • Experience of programming in Rust (preferably 1 year minimum)
  • Commercial experience of working to tight deadlines
  • Possess good analytical, problem solving and debugging skills
  • Skilled in producing clear and focussed documentation
  • Working independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills (we are a geographically distributed team)

I hope this helps, if you need anything else don’t hesitate to let me know



welcome @ Ceilidh Gray
MaidSafe continues to impress. I am so hooked on these updates.
Thanks for living up to my addiction week after week :wink:


Fun update Maidsafe devs, thanks for all your hard work super ants.

Welcome @Cgray :partying_face:

Good to see another example app.

It would be nice to maybe add your Youtube channel to the Wikipedia page (POR, SAFEcoin, Intro SAFE Network). Just a tip, I can imagine myself being too lazy, to read but Youtube…



Looking forward to hearing more on this! Excellent effort @marcin! :smiley:



Hi Oscar,

Just thought I’d follow-up on this… the job has been posted to our website:



Thanks @Victoria and @DGeddes, I’ll see what I can dig up.


Anyone for the team maybe @nicklambert or @dirvine can confirm if this collaboration is still valid:

News is from 2015 so Its better to ask…


Don’t know/remember anything about it.


TLDR; I very much doubt it.

IIRC Infinity Algorithms was a partnership which included Daniel Dabek, and split up. DD has since moved away from SAFE, so I doubt has anything active planned for deployment on SAFE.


Just a tip with regard to the newly created Wikipedia page!

If you click the ‘View history’ tab and then from the ‘External tools’ menu line you choose the ‘Pageviews’ tab, you will be able to keep tabs on how many views this article has.

As we can see by now, it had a high of just above 200 views on the day after it was created (Dec. 8/9) and about 35 views on Dec. 20.

It shall be fun watching the graphs soar!


And I’m reminding of my proposal from last week’s Dev Update: SAFE Network Dev Update - December 6, 2018


I had someone in mind for the Networking Engineer role but in the end they weren’t available. A contact of mine who knows a lot of talented systems devs has just shared the job with about 30 rust people. Hopefully that should result in some applicants.


Hey @opacey,

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

That is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing the role, we really do appreciate it.