SAFE Network Dev Update - August 8, 2019

I personally am not trying to troll anyone. This stuff is way above my head, I’m a finance guy. It just seemed by simple reading and comparison to the roadmap that what Fleming requires was still way off in the distance based on the update. Just because people are disappointed with progress or in this case don’t understand the full scope, doesn’t make it trolling, just makes it concern over a timeline. Certainly not trying to offend anyone, especially David and those working to try to complete this thing.


It’s a great feature, but yes, Ethereum has had support for this via ENS since 2017.


I would like to thank you all for making these weekly updates. The clear formatting, structure, links, vocabulaire, content and consistency is of a very high level and makes the whole process so much more convincing and trustworthy. I don’t always comment but I read every update, always to check in and see how much progress has been made and almost every week I’ve been very satisfied with this.

Of course it doesn’t really matter what I think but “I” am one of a larger group and the next step is adoption/growth and for that trust is essential some believe very much that you guys are nailing the basics of beging trustworthy. Looking forward to the next update!


Great work team! Such important work indeed. Ignore the voices of discontent who can’t think past their worried minds, and are certain the sky is falling. Cheers!


Great to see consistent progress being reflected against the project plan. I check the progress every few days and it is great to see all the green bars growing!


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Maybe some guys on this thread can’t read a project plan. Luckily I can. I am soooooo impressed at how quickly thinks are getting done. The interdependencies must be tough to explain but the devs are amazing. Keep it up guys and gals


I’m naturally critical and skeptical, but having been on this journey since 2014 all I see in this and the last year of updates is increasingly positive.

Every week progress is evident and the pieces are flying together into what we hoped SAFE Network might be. Enjoy this folks, IMO we are part of something as significant as the web itself, perhaps even more.


Ahem, blockchains…


True. At least AFAIK, I trust your statement anyhow but I wonder how much that feature is actually used. To me blockchain adapting to the legacy web is such a fractured experience. No one can fully agree what to use etc etc and the websites data doesn’t live on the ethereum blockchain but instead just a pointer to the data. So yeah, it’s cool kinda but also falls flat when what everyone is so interested in in this space (decentralization), only half delivers.

With SAFE it’s everything working homogeneously in a massively inclusive ecosystem that enables numerous features (some old, some just realized by others, and some entirely new) to be adopted and used easily by everyone.

But glad you corrected anyways.


You’re somewhat right about ENS adoption. ENS is just a contract that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, so resolving the names is done at the application layer. The major services like etherscan (block explorer), MetaMask (browser wallet plugin), myetherwallet (wallet) support it, but support isn’t universal in all wallets etc. I’m not totally sure, but I think it’ll be a similar case here where each SAFE wallet app would need to add support for NRS.
You’re right about ENS being used to store pointers to off chain data in Swarm or IPFS (or SAFE one day). The default resolver contact does hold a wallet address directly on chain.
Anyway, I don’t think it’s a great marketing approach because at this time the SAFE NRS solution is pretty rudimentary compared to ENS. Due to no support for smart contacts there isn’t a way to trustlessly auction the names, claim existing clearnet domains via cryptographic proof, or enforce renewal fees to reduce squatting, all of which are features of ENS. Squatting looks to be a massive unsolved issue with SAFE NRS.


You want to know the timeline of Fleming for buy and sell. But that is not possible.

P.S The lead dev said “R&D is done”. This is hints! :slight_smile:


You have assumed incorrectly. I’m not a trader and I have zero plans to sell on a Fleming release. I was originally interested in this project 3 years ago because it wasn’t blockchain based and obviously enjoy the possibility of financial gain. I think it’s fair to want to know whether things are months away or years away. I’m not a tech guy so I’m just trying to learn and read in between the lines.


You don’t have to be technical to read the updates and watch the charts get plotted on the project plan here:


“If today’s update is accurate then it appears that Fleming is still very much in distant future, not around the corner and price could suffer again if it stops trading along with bitcoin.” (your comment from the maidsafecoin price and trading topic, don’t know how to cross-quote)

There is absolutely no suggestion in this update that Fleming is still very much in the distant future, in fact there is as always no timescale, just a roadmap that is being consistently trucked down week after week with lots of tangible progress being made.

I think it’s fair to be eager for Fleming and later releases, but I also think it’s possible you might have read a couple of the usual negative comments from the usual customers underneath the update more closely than the actual update. Not a criticism, just what it seems like to me.


Repeat, that is not possible to set a exact time scale. Only god knows that. Just thinking, It took more than 100 years to prove Ferma’s final theorem.

Maidsafe challenge path finding(Routing) and decentralization network (Consensus protocol: PARSEC).

So it is not possible to set a exact time line. BUT again hints, the dev said the R&D is done. That is huge hints. And we cannot demand more detail time line than this.

I am sure you dont want to hear marketing time line and mile stones.

P.S. The development process of software frame project is not same with application project . It is totally different.


With these recent changes the APIs we are trying to expose (and being used by CLI UI) all accept safe:// URLs, so it’s transparent to any app using these APIs which type of URL is dealing with, you just pass it to any of the functions and the API deals with it, including resolving it if it’s a NRS URL. Although it’s true it’s not in a contract or part of the consensus, but I think (I’m not fully sure as I haven’t really thought about this too much tbh) once we have this proven to work well it could be part the routing itself and therefore it’s not just a client side resolver, I believe.


I read the update, I made an assessment off of what I read from the website on the roadmap. This is what I came up with. I apologize if I threw anyone into attack mode. I certainly don’t know the tech like many of you do and I appreciate whoever above pointed out the ever changing progress in a updated chart form. Just trying to learn and benefit like everyone else.


Fleming Fleming Fleming Fleming Fleming Fleming


Good update, good article (clapped and commented).

The timeframe for fleming has definitely moved - but important to note the reason --> what the fleming release includes has increased substancially … so totally fine for longer period of development.

Plans sometimes need to change. IMO, the shift that has occured has brought with it a lot of optimism and energy for the team and the community and that must not be underestimated.