SAFE Network Dev Update - August 8, 2019

I plead guilty for giving the pot a little stir for his birthday. Maybe I should have left the spoon in the drawer :grinning:.
Thanks for the update guys, good stuff as always.


Thanks for the update! Great to see the progress on the SMD / BLS side!

Do you have any indication what tasks need to be finished until the Vault (Phase 1) release? If I’m not mistaken there were some hints in last weeks update but it wasn’t mentioned yesterday.

On a side note: I’ve noticed that the Github project plan structure is kind of outdated. We’re now 9 days into Aug and it still has the July lane in it.


Vault is all good, we are just updating SCL for the connection to vaults. That is happening with CLI updates (for testing the API is useful or as useful as we can make it), API updates and all the new data types. When all that is ready (hope very soon) then the team there fold into vaults for phase II and III. So I do expect we will see even faster progress through the rest of the phases, although some are larger than others. III for instance is only adding the first farming algorithm. IV may be split in 2, one to allow testing RMD/SMD then the last to test node age in full. Then that’s it :wink:


The guys with the Renault logo that were heckled at the blackhat conference as frauds. I am not sure I have not read much on them. Who knows it may be real and break every system known to man, not only safe, or it may not.

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Flashy website. Light on details


ye they are a scam lets get back to work guys nothing to see here

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Sorry @anon94252342 but you don’t understand how SAFE works. Only you own your information in SAFE. There is no middleman who promises to never give it to another. Let Them go play with others like them (Google, Facebook) in the sandbox :slight_smile:



I think you were thinking “Peugeot” :wink:
It is exactly Peugeot’s logo from 1950 with two extra legs… I think they were like “Americans don’t know french cars, they won’t notice…”


Loving the new medium article. Well done Maidsafe! Keep them coming!

Just posted here:


Hey :wave:
I like to ensure the board shows what’s reflected in the DevUpdate before I change things about. But I’ve just added the September lane and from now on I’ll add the month as we get to it. Thanks :wink:


Ooooone moment! This would mean that the plan is to lock people into your resolution scheme instead of creating a more open solution that would enable name resolution as plug-in?! (until now I assumed first come first serve was just planned as first implementation to get something started… I wasn’t aware you want to invest energy into locking people into it…)

  1. Why would you want to have the burdon of developing/improving the name resolution systematics over time? Oo

  2. Why would you not want to enable concurrent name resolution schemes which would make domain squatting dangerous and would enable different solutions to this task so people can choose the scheme they want to use themselves…


No there is no plan, it was just me thinking out loud from a technical point of view about the point being raised that the resolution is only client side, which I believe it doesn’t have to be. I have no idea if in the case we wanted to have more than one resolution could be the same, I’d need to research and learn a lot more before being able to comment.

What I do think is that regardless how many resolutions you may have in the network/routing, you still can have others as plugins/client-side if you keep the xorname resolution, so it’s not one or the other it seems, but again, there is no plan, I’m again thinking out loud.


Right - okay - glad to hear that :blush:

Was just checking because I was shocked for a moment :wink:


Great update Maidsafe devs.

:partying_face: LOL you’ll be able to send all 2440 cryptocurrencies in existence to 1 URL on the SAFE Network :exploding_head:

Super exited about the rest as well, keep up the good work super ants.



Thanks for the hard work of the whole MaidSafe team! It’s very exciting to see everything fit together little by little! :slight_smile:

The translation into Bulgarian :wink: :новини-8-8-2019/


Great update, keep up the good work. We all root for you - go safe team!


Thanks so much to the entire team for all of your hard work! Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves while you change the world.


Will the launch of the network be named William Wallace? Freeedoommmm :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


we did not get any info regarding the holiday time, does the devs have holiday nowish, thus we can expect a bit if a slowdown in development?