SAFE Network Dev Update - August 6, 2020

Thanks. I’m doing my best but @danda is doing all the hard bits and has made great strides. He’s been tearing through tricky code and come up with some very neat solutions to hard problems such as how to implement hard-links within the TreeCDRT.

Most of my time has been spent learning and discussing all the different parts with him, and hopefully assisting by sharing and discussing. I’m still a Rust virgin, so not ready to write the code for this which is quite advanced. That’s frustrating but I hope to find some parts I can get my teeth into once there’s a framework in place, or if I can pull code from other areas and fit it into safe-fs.


BEA-utiful! gogogo team! we are getting close!


Man, @Sascha is so into chicken. And this project is great. Adam, welcome back.


Keep on coding, thanks team, great job as always.


Thx for the update Maidsafe devs

Welcome back Adam

Would be great to see this in action :beers: really so super exited for the next testnet… :muscle:

Keep hacking super ants, this puzzle is coming together nicely :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice picture @sasha :chicken: :deer: :deer:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! And thanks to @happybeing for your contribution too. :racehorse:


Keep it up team can’t be long at this pace :clap:t2:



We are already looking at test farming!



The progress is absolutely staggering as of late. It feels like a straight road to Fleming now. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome back, Adam! Thank you to the whole MaidSafe crew and @happybeing for continuing to push the work forward!! Looking forward to the next community testnets as well :smile:


It has been some time when I’ve been reading the last updates. Looking good though. Still good progress being made.

Back in the beginning 2017 I’ve been reading the whole maidsafe wiki fundamentals but there have been a lot of changes in even the core of how maidsafe is working if I’m correct. And now I’m looking to update my understanding of the basic principles of maidsafe and I was looking at this primer but I see that the latest update is of november 2019 and parsec still seems to be a large part of it and if I am correct it shouldn’t be?

Can someone explain to me how to get back up to speed and if it is still worthwhile to read the primer this weekend or if there is another source that might be better suited for this?


Oh yes - this next testnet will be worth waiting for - even if only for the large array of features I can attempt to break :slight_smile:


Since the team got slimmed down to 99% engineers there has unfortunately been less resource available to update documentation. Yes read the primer but the unfortunately I think the best way to get up to speed is to trawl through the last few moonths archives here and on - If you can read backwards that might help too :slight_smile:
PARSEC got dumped because while it proved an invaluable concept, it was slow, pedantic, unnecessarily complex and was very “chatty”. Fine as a Proof of Concept - not so fine for a production solution.
But it was 100% necessary to climb the PARSEC mountain to see the better alternative routes in the valleys below .


This is awesome! It will make the network very real when this sort of feature starts slotting in.

Great work team!


I found the video in this post useful: Conflict-free replicated data type explained


The pace is crazy! Everyone @maidsafe we truly appreciate you and the progress you bring us each week to get us closer to privacy, security, and freedom. Following along has been so interesting and it’s so neat to have been around as long as I have and to be able to grow with the project and it’s community die hard devs. Best of the best.

@danda and @happybeing I’ve enjoyed reading your progress over on the dev forum.

Welcome back @adam

@Sascha I like your picture a lot, looks very peaceful.

Can’t believe farming is coming! I’m sure many here felt like it would never come but yet, here we are! Get your straw caps, overhauls, and hard drives ready! :man_farmer:


Very cool pic @Sascha . Kinda curious if you just straight up live on a private island with chicken and deer haha. A man in tune with nature.

Keep grinding MaidSafe, make 2020 something to remember(well besides the covid19 stuff)!


With the current banning of various apps, the increasing censorship of the web, and the ongoing attacks on free speech, there couldn’t be a better time for the Safe Network to emerge.


Thanks! Someone very dear to me who died recently took that picture from my front porch. I do spend most of my time in a cabin with no running water and only wood for heating on a small island in the Gulf of Finland. The island is privately owned, but unfortunately not by me.


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! You give your best and so do we, let’s make the world a better place together!

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon: