SAFE Network Dev Update - August 23, 2018

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Could you please explaine what exatly this means ?

Thanky ou for long update!


Unfortunately I’ll be on holiday or I’d be cheering from the front row. Hope it goes well.

By the way - August is a terrible time to arrange meetups. Would it be possible to repeat later in the year?


@Mendrit, this is in the introduction of the linked dev forum post, I hope that helps?

Currently the safe-app-nodejs API, and our SAFE browsers, support fetching safesites and files published with the DNS system, from URLs like safe://<service name>.<public name>/<path> , but it’s not possible to fetch data using their address on the network, i.e. the XOR address of any data stored on the network, without publishing it under a public name.


@JPL I think @opacey’s plan is to get the London meetups going monthly so you should be in luck :slight_smile:


That’s good to know!


Very nice work on the XOR URI proposal. This is an invaluable feature - can’t wait for the PoC and I took the liberty of sharing it with the Solid team for feedback. They know URIs as well as anyone!


Seems like week after week the comments and excitement are dwindling some and people just aren’t as engaged, I’m not sure I understand why. Feels like real progress is being made and we are starting to “poke the bear” a little bit for a waterfall of good news as we edge closer to completion. Great work guys!


Another solid update guys and gals—thanks as always!


My understanding is that many people are waiting for something they can engage in. Like a alpha release or similar. And I can fully understand that. Its not so much they lose desire for the project, just the waiting.

BTW: great update as always.


Another positive update bringing the network ever closer, great job team :+1:


Agreed. Further more for those who are not technical…these updates can be dry. Does not excite much. This makes the wait harder since the technical jargon is hard to relate to. Since its going to be a network based on adoption i hope it starts to connect with more less technical people.


I think this will be delivered in terms of tasks not timeline. Providing a timeline will be out of character for Maidsafe. Mind you I hope I’m wrong


Well done Maidsafe devs and SAFE community :smile:

Xor Url is really great to have (amazing to see all these boxes being checked 1 by 1)


This is a brilliant idea. Already getting more attention from others in the open source community with PARSEC and licensing changes :slight_smile:

Go David! I miss reading RFC’s

This is exciting! I can’t wait to see community mobile apps.

Change ownership of MD’s and multi-sig??? :grin:Those will be important eventually.

Good luck with the presentation @pierrechevalier83 The team is killing it across the board. I am so anxious to hear the company vision of what SAFE will deliver getting closer to launch. There’s a lot getting done quick and on many fronts. The patience and hard work is really paying off.

Shout out to @anon86652309 and @qi_ma who are veterans of SAFE and keep things ticking.

Keep it up ladies and gents of @maidsafe!


Well…There seem to be a few thousand top notch Marketing Strategists active on this forum. Should be an easy spot to fill…:rofl:

Joking aside, isn’t @Sotros25 a marketing specialist? If so, seems like a no-brainer to me, considering her enthusiasm and the fact that she organised the Chicago meet up. That should give her an edge at least. If she’s available ofcourse…:slightly_smiling_face:


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when can we expect the video to be released ?

hey @anon94252342, we’ve just had to make a couple of changes to script and we’re trying to schedule the audio recording at the moment. Unfortunately with Sarah and myself heading down to London for the meetup, it’s going to push the audio recording/final release work back a few days now given the other things have jumped in to take precedence this week - so we’re currently now looking at a target release for this around next Tuesday 4th Sept.