SAFE Network Dev Update - August 22, 2019

I certainly don’t know anything about the tech but my first reaction was looks like “MySpace”.


Talron is correct. I was referring to Utopia. I agree that the UI is lackluster and I did not realize it was closed source. I only recently heard about it hadn’t looked that hard into it but I do like the full suite factor. I’m thinking about UX and adoption. You guys are the pros though.


Currently we are develop and release native apps. We have APIs exposed in Java and C# for native Android and iOS app development.

I think it’s a great idea to provide some solution for hybrid mobile app development like phonegap/cordova and it will help the devs to develop the apps for the SAFE Network. I am not sure about the timing but in future we may support this.


Where have the pace gone? Thought you said we are speeding up to be in fleming asap. I see almost no activity from the devs in github in August. Node aging is not touched/paused, SMD is on halt for few weeks, BLS is also paused. Feels like we in Spain, maniana no rush tmmr we can do it. XD

I don’t know which repos you are watching, but I get several emails a day about new commits. As usual, you are never pleased and a negative influence on the team.


ye i think i Lost hope and patience and will sell my bags tbh

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back in 2018 you could feel that the project was growing , there where new staff etc. now it feels like a stagnation with staff leaving, now they dont even want to mention it in the updates if someone is leaving- to keep pretending all is fine. Go check github you will see that there is almost no work done lately. Sad but true/
You cant ignore that most of the first involved people in this project are leaving (Viv, Nick, Fraser) anyone does not agree on this one either? thats funny. Keep acting like everything is fine, and be quiet never be critical to the company :slight_smile:

How many times do people have to explain each and every gripe you have is a normal process of business. You’ve even wanted the private comings and goings of the staff.

And to your complaint of stagnation, well that is plainly incorrect and I do not accept you actually believe it is that way.

Mock Vault phase 1 released in last week or so.


Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… We’ll miss you…

Did you actually read the update? It must be a great way of imitating doing nothing. I hope the next 8 weeks are full of the same level of nothing as the past 8 weeks


seems like Fraser is now working for Caperlabs (Ethereum)?? That would be crazy. Im guessing by checking his github activity :thinking:

ahah I so wish that were true… unfortunately we know we’ll have to keep living with your b**it…
Btw, 2 PRs by David the man himself in routing…enough said


There may have been a lull for holidays and the fact - noted in the Dev update - that some devs were away in Berlin promoting the network.

But the repos have NOT paused. I watch about a dozen and several have been quite active.

@anon94252342 you take every opportunity to paint things negatively and given how long you’ve been here I think this is deliberate, because it is quite clear that over the last year things have sped up steadily and that in the last two months things have been accelerating rapidly.

I’m annoyed by this because I can’t see it as regular skepticism after so much constant negativity in the face of so many, regular, positive developments.

You seem to be deliberately wasting the community’s time, and David’s time responding to your questions and correcting your inaccurate portrayal of the project state to the point where I think you are deliberately trying to undermine it.


Guys just remember regarding @anon94252342 “Truth cannot be threatened by opinions”. It’s good to have someone who is critical otherwise when everyone always agree with each other it becomes a fools table. Everything has a place under the sun.


How big are your bags? I will buy them from you right now to help unburden you.


there may, that is the thing , we dont know what is happening, no one is noticing us, so I assume they are on a month long holidays or maybe some other devs left the company and we did not get any info. For investors those are red flags.

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This is true.

But this is also true.

No all criticism is constructive. E.g.
“There is a bug on line $” is constructive.
:fu:” is not constructive.

The Safe Network is built on code - not feelings. Please don’t file bad or false bug reports. I could also do without your negative feelings.


Wait. WTF!? @anon86652309 is leaving??? :frowning:


Oh we all notice you :wink: