SAFE Network Dev Update - August 22, 2019

there may, that is the thing , we dont know what is happening, no one is noticing us, so I assume they are on a month long holidays or maybe some other devs left the company and we did not get any info. For investors those are red flags.

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This is true.

But this is also true.

No all criticism is constructive. E.g.
“There is a bug on line $” is constructive.
:fu:” is not constructive.

The Safe Network is built on code - not feelings. Please don’t file bad or false bug reports. I could also do without your negative feelings.


Wait. WTF!? @Fraser is leaving??? :frowning:


Oh we all notice you :wink:


Yes, he is leaving end of this month, he was off for the whole month. Not sure what have happened but too many devs have left in the last months. Add to that that many are on multi week holidays and a limited budget lasting few months then we have a problem in mid term.


This project, and the recent progress reports, vaults and the amazing mobile app have continued to give me warm fuzzy feelings.

The reaction from my peers, especially in the tech field, is immediate excitement and a “take my money” moment.

The mobile browser brings home the impact the SAFENetwork will have.

… and the recent vault phase 1 release. The good is coming thick and fast.

I, and others, just don’t see any negativity. Solid demo apps, solid code is actually being submitted to the repos, actual reach out to communities is happening. Not every Tom dick and Harry is invited to Web summits hosting Edward Snowden. Congratulations on progress team Maidsafe, and congratulations on getting out there and recognised.

I see a sea of green flags. I just don’t understand the negativity, especially as its just unfair speculation with zero substance to back it up.

#2 on this list comes to mind.


Na na na. Hold the f*** on. NOW, I am concerned! This is no coincidence. All the heavy hitters and longstanding members of the team don’t just suddenly decide to “gracefully” leave within months of each other without there being some major underlying problem.

Remember folks. These people carried this project on their backs for years not merely for a paycheck. They all believed in the fundamental design principles of the network and clearly respected the motley constitution of the company. This isn’t slow deterioration. A bomb went off in the office and those closest to the top were the casualties.

@dirvine I’ve respected your calm zen demeanour for years but it seems something went awry. To be frank I must ask. What did you say or do!?

Whatever it was the cost was too great. :confounded:

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This is the thread where this news came up: Understand if-how Parsec solves this problem, please explain/describe Parsec


Wtf I didn’t recognize that @fraser is leaving…
What happened?

Maybe @anon94252342 is not that wrong …

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I’ve not worked in an office where there hasn’t been employee churn. Great people leave for many different reasons, companies and projects are importent, but people have lives to live, and they move on having taken part in one of the biggest Internet evolutionary steps ever.
Great people leave, great people join… and great people re-return when life allows them to.

A development team is greater than the sum of its parts. And the development team is pumping out progress.

I’m not sure we should be discussing company human resource issues in this thread.

When I log into github. I pay attention to the service. I don’t ask for a HR employee report.
I think the maidsafe team have been very generous. I think the individual team members who communicate with the forum and have their private life choices scrutinised publicly have been very patient.

Maidsafe is a global company with offices around the world, with teams of developers working away at every front.


It should be discussed somewhere in general though because although everything on the project seems good and on the rise the biggest threat to never getting completion is human and monetary capital and those concerns should be directly addressed.

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@anon94252342 posts FUD several times a week. Looks like he hooked a few folk this time.


I don’t know if anyone got hooked but some things, such as an exodus should not be ignored like it never happened. That’s all.

Progress is solid and it speaks for itself. I could postulate that some leaving are quite confident that it’s in the home stretch and that it’s better to let the company run leaner without them and with new talents vigor. After Fleming I’m assuming there may be another fund raising event or search for capital but at that point the network is basically proven and should draw more interest. I think things still look bright. We are closer than ever folks, chill out.


I think the short squeeze is causing some people financial pain. :joy::joy:

FUD at this point isn’t going to get your coins back at a cheap price. :joy::joy::joy:


Also mind you all that Fraser just gave us Safecoin and vaults (obviously with some help) and now he needs sleep. Ask yourself what have you contributed besides buying some MAID to profit off of their hard work??


Stop. I’m not mindless. So many of the original family leaving in short intervals is clear indication of a serious disturbance. @Traktion I don’t appreciate what you suggest.

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I have no idea, but it is up to folk to move on. I am happy for them if they do. All I know is I had to take over the CTO roll. That for me meant a rollout to launch, project plan and structure the business around frequent deliverables. Some people wanted a different path/future and I think that is about that basically. I do not think anyone has left on bad terms or not wishing everyone and the project all their best.

So for the last 8-10 weeks it has been all hands to the wheel and get launched. It seems to be working very well, even though it is with less people. So all in all, I imagine it is just the way it is and that is that. As I say I think the folk who left felt they had to move on and they did with our blessing and support. There is not much else basically.


I don’t think anyone here thinks you are mindless @Stark or anyone else for that matter. It’s just concern and criticism and both are acceptable I just don’t think they are quite justified atm.


Consider @traktion 's statement…