SAFE Network Dev Update - August 22, 2019

Great work team! It sounds like vaults from home are almost in touching distance, with the other related pieces already in place. Exciting stuff and thanks to everyone in the team for pushing so hard!

Good to hear some more minds were opened up to SAFENetwork at the Web3 summit too. I am sure they will thank you for it in due course!


Now we’re cooking. :slight_smile:
We are on the radar.


Maybe not “essential”, but definitely “highly useful”.
Up the SNAPP!


Ludicrous SPEED! – At this rate, the MaidSafe team will be done before they started!


Good work. Getting close now.


These updates get better and better - still after several weeks! It will be a challenge to keep this up much longer. Hats off to the team. :+1:

Anyone from Gloucestershire, see the following post (although we had two people from Shropshire last night):

[Thanks @JPL]


Loving these awesome updates! Hopefully the Web3 Foundation recorded Dug’s talk so we can watch!


Congratulations on the completion of Vault Phase 1. Onward and upward.


Great work! Thanks for the update!


Slowly but surely the jigsaw is clicking into place. I shouldn’t really say slowly as the ants have been killing it. They must have matchsticks holding their eyelids open.
Appreciate if Dug Campbell could expand on how his talk in Berlin went down.


Good stuff, we may see Fleming it seems likely before the fabled “altcoin season” comes around at the pace MaidSafe is grinding right now. That will be good for confidence in the project for sure and enable folks to really get hands on and test basic capabilities of the SAFE Network at a time when non-bitcoin projects get some shine.

Then once network is done completely the evolution from
shitcoin(plain proxy ico token) -> altcoin -> THE COIN(#SafeCoin) will be complete.

Like a beautiful butterfly being born from a hard working caterpillar :joy:.

Also like seeing the bad man himself Pierre C. here liking this post and still participating in the forum, sup dude :wave::smile:.


@Cryptoskeptic @feinberg just to be clear, it wasn’t a talk on SAFE as such at Web3 (so don’t expect fancy slides or a strong clear narrative structure :wink: ), it was a panel discussing a few aspects of decentralised storage solutions with guys from Arweave and Fluence. As far as I know, it was recorded but not streamed live and will appear in due course. So, pretty informal in that sense - but led to many good conversations afterwards so definitely worth taking part. Overall, the conference has a heavy weighting towards those within the Ethereum/Web3 community so it’s always good to remind/let people know about the sleeping giant that’s about to burst out the cave… :laughing:


Thanks Dug for the update on how the event went - great stuff, and hope to watch the discussion online. Not necessarily for you to answer (unless you want to), but was wondering if eventually there will be competing systems to the Safe network (although not the same quality!) will people choose different storage solutions, or is it inevitable that in anything technological people coalesce around just one solution - ie how Google has become the de facto search engine? Perhaps initially based on quality, and then based on inertia or simplicity.


I would hope that the SAFE network will be one solution to decentralisation and we really want others. For instance I could imagine the trade offs of many network, such as slow but persistant/permanent or computationally focused networks, perhaps storing data on another etc. I think what we all want is true decentralised price seeking networks that are not in anyone’s control as we know today. There is also things like matrixorg, SOLID, signal etc. who could all benefit from a decentralised backend such as SAFE or perhaps Filecoin could provide. If everyone could publish Safe Network it would help, but then also we all need these networks to agree on a common API/RPC set of calls that would allow transactions (data/comms etc.) to easily allow users to switch networks or even use more than 1 in early days etc.

Those interop things are difficult though and will be until the first true decentralised solution exists. Then we can make tweaks and interact with many more solutions out there.

There ye go, politicians answer :smiley: :smiley:

PS SOLID is one to watch, it is likely their apps will allow easy network switching, but you really want access to data to remain and all that jazz.


We were discussing this very thing at the Brighton meet-up last night. Lots of synergy, how can we coordinate efforts across these different projects.


Thanks Dug. Hope the video comes out soon. I am interested in understanding the Dev community’s awareness of Maidsafe and their reaction to where SafeNet currently is in project development terms.


Are you saying that Filecoin is a serious competitor for SAFE? Never heard of them tbh.

They have several tricky issues to solve: privacy, surveillance, DDoS/censorship etc all come up regularly and I generally bite my lip these days :older_man:

I’m hoping that Solid can really get people and developers interested in the user ownership model and that querying semantic data will grow new ways of building things, and that each project will strengthen the other because IMO they are very complimentary. We don’t depend on that, but I do think it would be a good thing for SAFE and our users if the technologies come together in various ways.


First time I’ve seen that older man :older_man: emoji! Don’t bite your lip. Beat them with your walking stick til they see sense!


Filecoin is the incentivization layer for IPFS. IPFS is sort of the go to decentralized storage solution these days, at least in the Ethereum space, but it has no guarantee of data availability. Filecoin hopes to address this by making contacts between users and providers (I think kind of like Sia, Storj, etc?). So the way it works is/will be pretty different from SAFE.

Swarm is also on the horizon in the Ethereum space. It has kind of fallen off the map in that you don’t hear much about it these days, but I’ve used it to build a decentralized website before, and I think they’re still developing. It is supposed to be the go to thing for Ethereum web3 in the future. It’s based on ‘swap, swindle, swear’ incentivization, where you just have to pay if you’re downloading way more than you’re seeding.

Other tangentially related protocols that I know of and didn’t mention yet are Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) and dat.