SAFE Network Dev Update - August 2, 2018

Hate to be the spoilsport guys but price & speculation was limited to the price & speculation topic for a reason. So if we can keep it in that topic would be good. Your posts were nothing but price&speculation talk. I won’t hide any post this time but please remember for next time so that we don’t get speculators thinking they can do it too, which is the reason we limit these posts.


I can access the website now, so it was clearly a DNS issue which is now resolved.


Good one Maidsafe devs,

Keep spreading the SAFE word: Decentralized Web Summit, Mozfest and beyond.

This week I celebrate the fifth person with totally no crypto knowledge that I convinced to buy 1000 euro’s of Maidsafecoins. At some time I’ll need to start a mailing list, to update them when the conversion happens from Maidsafecoins to SAFEcoin, just my babysteps.



Does this mean @Shane has been secretly working on a fully fledged version of safe-CMS for you guys under NDA since he disappeared…?
Sorry…one can only hope…

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It’s extremely difficult, people are highly focused on making profit. I tell them that an investment of 1000 euro’s is normal and to wait patiently for 4 to 5 years. I’ve shown a few our SAFE Network app also, so that makes it a little “more real” for them. Fun times really start when people can install a SAFE vault and farm imho, but good things take time.



Can I get another invite token?

You can ask @moderators

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I’v sent you a new invite.