SAFE Network Dev Update - August 16, 2018


I’ll admit that I was initially critical of how @BIGbtc addressed his concerns as it seemed like he was trying to provoke them but in retrospect I think that is a decent thing to do as it gives those people a chance to answer respectfully and honestly. Needless to say they didn’t! At first I thought it was a language barrier but it became pretty evident pretty quickly that they were using Maidsafes good name for their benefit.

Bret has good scamdar. I’ll give him that. Don’t agree that one person amicably leaving to persue a personal project is horrible for Maidsafe.


Fully agree.
That to me definitely is a storm in a teacup.

But I really wanted to get that out of my system, a small lift of my hat to the man. I kind of like the critical views. You have to be good with juggling glowing iron bars to have them in a conversation, but if you can, then it’s quite a progressive thing. IMHO.


Technology itself will not make a business thrive. There are so many moving parts. Some of these crucial moving parts, crucial to staying ahead of the curve, are still not mature IMO.

Yes, that’s right. Technology is the angle from which I tackle the problem, of course. For the other moving parts (the buisness side, marketing, design, HR, etc.), I have a lot of confidence in each team at Maidsafe. My confidence comes from interacting with them quite a bit as the company isn’t that big, so you do get a peek at how other teams function too. Of course, you don’t have these personal interactions, so you have to operate a bit more on hear-say, with the dev updates and your interactions with us; but if you’re going to take my word for it, that’s once again my opinion :smile:


The pictures didn’t come up for me, while the rest of the page did. It was like 2 or more minutes later they appeared. It seemed until all the pics (or is a single large one) were/was fully downloaded it did not show.

There was no indication (for firefox) that was even a picture(s) that was/were going to show, so no doubt some will go to that page and not see any pics since I was able to completely digest the text and world map and move on and the pics did not show for another minute or so.


Mine came up immediately using Chrome and Firefox. Lots of photos but they’re only 25Kb each so probably not a bandwidth issue.


They come up quickly for me now, I guess they are cached now. The first visit made me wonder what Pierre was meaning :thinking: with his link, then when I returned to the page the photos came up after a while.


They loaded slowly for me too, rendering in lines almost. I assumed they were just big images as thumbs too.


Thanks for reporting this issue with the website photos! Want you all to be able to see our wee faces :stuck_out_tongue: We are looking into it, hopefully it should be an easy fix


And you have one face too many don’t you. lol


And one too few, Jon is missing! We are fixing don’t worry


Right under the pictures of the team this sentence begins but does it need to say thinkers twice ?

“Started in 2006 by Scottish engineer David Irvine, MaidSafe is a small team, comprised of: ** thinkers **, inventors, ** thinkers **, PHDs, engineers and designers”


Started in 2006 by Scottish engineer David Irvine, MaidSafe is a small team, comprised of: thinkers, inventors, tinkerers, PHDs, engineers and designers.

Anyways, that is what I see.
Edit: thinkers != tinkerers


Yes it says thinkers twice don’t know if that’s ment like that seems like a typo to me


When I look at it there is one “thinkers” and one “tinkerers”. I also do not see two “thinkers”


Lol I’m doubting myself now but I think maidsafe fixed it since I copied pasted the text when I posted it. Anyway it’s good now


No, I saw it as tinkerers before your post, because as an engineer it reminded me of what I do all the time. And the other poster noted that it was tinkerers long before anyone had a chance to change it.

Don’t worry its easy to get these things wrong. One reason people need to have others proof read their writings because we miss things so easy. Ever seen those experiments where someone plays a piece of audio noise (real noise) then after tells the listeners that there is a person saying some specific phrase, then when its replayed 90% hear those words in the audio even though they were told it was pure noise and had heard no words prior.


Thanks for the reply @19eddyjohn75, and the info about Uphold. I’ve just spent 20mins trying to understand what uphold are and best I can tell from their vague ‘We are the internet of money’ website is that they are a crypto bank - i.e. full custody of their customer’s assets. If that is the sybil prevention Brave are using then I don’t see any case for BAT having any value as a decentralised asset.

Regarding your point about people moving away from thinking of companies controlling the tokens, so we don’t need to worry about the health of the company. While in theory I agree (eg, MaidSafe is a company releasing FLOSS which we have all entrusted to do so well through a tokenised crowdfund) I don’t see Brave as being part of that ideology. Brave are not fully open source, their security model depends on some secret practices which they are not willing to discuss in the open. That is the classic corporate model and their tokens are vulnerable to company bankruptcy.

MaidSafeCoin is also almost completely centralised but mitigated through their materials being entirely open to the public. Consider PARSEC though, no one was expecting that, it wasn’t explicitly on the road map and it just popped up to solve some problems and along we move. While I applaud the progress it isn’t demonstrative of the community being in control of anything. As a MaidSafeCoin holder I consider my risk to be a measure of the health of the company. However, the SAFENetwork, once launched will be decentralised and well insulated from the fate of the MaidSafe company. Brave is not like this model, their launched product and token is bound to the fate of the mother company.

SAFE Network Dev Update - August 30, 2018

Consider PARSEC though, no one was expecting that, it wasn’t explicitly on the road map and it just popped up to solve some problems and along we move.

PARSEC wasn’t widely advertised before we were happy we had something that worked as we weren’t sure the research would lead to a working consensus algorithm; but if you read the routing dev updates from at least March, April, May; you can see talk of playing with the gossip protocol, looking at DAG solutions, investigating consensus etc.

We weren’t particularly secretive about what we were doing: just waited to be sure we had something before making more noise about it :wink:


Hi Pierre, thanks for the clarification. I was being intentionally slightly extreme in my characterisation, just to show the difference between MaidSafe as a start-up being an investment in a team rather than a platform versus Brave which seems to be considered an investment in a platform but is actually still an investment in a team.

Parsec was a surprise for me (perhaps not others) but a nice one.


As it should be, all hype with no delivery would be :poop:

:smiley: .