SAFE Network Dev Update - August 16, 2018


Excellent news, as always! It’s great to see the continued progress as well as the targeted expansion of the team. I’m looking forward to hearing about what makes the cut for the initial launch. :smile:


Thanks for the great update and good to hear that you are clearing the stage for the work towards launch. This is always a good feeling when the project turns the corner where it can set it sights on getting an initial release done. Then a month later you realise that its not a walk in the park, but some serious hard work still.

And good luck @canndrew - all the best with the next chapter in your career and your projects work out as you planned.

Yes congrats.

Isn’t this the second marriage we’ve heard about of a team member in the last year? Is Maidsafe a dating service? Better results than most dating service from what i hear. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

From Aug 17th last year (just under a year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


This is indeed worrying me as a happy single guy :smile:


Have a look on the new website. It summarises A3 pretty well


Stands out. Significant because timelines are not a @maidsafe forte.

So your putting it out there that on or before September 7, 2018 will be a big reveal. Or just a reveal. But nobody should read anything more into that.

Good work Maidsafe team.


Wallet! Music to my ears :smile:


Imagine the advantages you could have when making a Tinder like dating app on the Safe Network (if bochaco then disable swipe left) :wink:


I checked out this week for the first time. I’m a bit shocked. They raised $30m in ICO in return for tokens. These tokens are transacted offchain through a centralised service which is used for micropayment netting and sybill attack prevention. The company doesnt talk publicly about how it prevents sybil attack. Their BAT ‘currency’ for ad payments is therefore entirely dependent on weak security practices and the ongoing health of a single company… more like a stock. I know you were more referring to the UX which I havent tried yet, but as a system model I think brave have made themselves irrelevant in the decentralised web movement.


Wow! There are so many exciting things going on, I can’t wait for the network to get here. You all are doing amazing work. Pound the rock!

Also, many thanks to @canndrew! Good luck on future projects!


A suggestion for @maidsafe: The first paragraph could be highlighted differently to show clearly that is a summary. For example:


Here are some of the main things to highlight this week:
  • We’ve just started recruiting for a Marketing Strategist role 20, to be based at our Ayr HQ.
  • We’ve filled our Dev Ops vacancy based in Ayr. The new team member starts in September, more info in due course!

Update on Planning

Over the past couple of weeks, all teams have been working consistently at defining the work that remains to be done before launching the SAFE Network. …


In addition to the planning work already mentioned, we’ve just started recruiting for a Marketing Strategist role 20, to be based at our Ayr HQ. …


Brave is using the wallet of, uphold has kyc/aml so this to an extent prevents a sybill attack. I think that transactions are also for free through uphold’s wallet.

I really hope that people grow up one day and not think anymore that apps or companies control tokens, you got the privatekeys to the tokens so you control them. If your app or the company is gone, all tokens holders can hire new people to code up an app, you don’t need a company you just need open source code that others can audit/update. If you panic sell you, instead of all agreeing what to do next, yes the project is dead and yes your all fools for letting it happen. Just a side note: bitconnect is worth $0.68, this is worth more than some national currencies and even with a marketcap of over $6M, people just think this project is dead and can’t agree on nothing accept that it imploded (no wonder that there are dictators, you can’t decide/solve problems…).

Brave created a marketcap of $212m from $30m, got 3m monthly active users, 18,000 verified publishers and a great devs team, they are super relevant imho. Their privacy mindset imho brings them close to using SAFE routing and maybe integrating a SAFE vault, if they don’t? others will with their source code I think.

Just my 2cents, the decentralised web movement has failed horribly from a marketcap of $800b we’re now at $213b. Now the bankers probably hold 51% of all the decentralised tokens, so what if your decentralized, your working for the banks. :rofl:


When you have a shitty week in the office having MS and btc give you a little hope that this will end soon. Or else you’d be working your rear end off for a company that would replace you im an instant :hugs:. Friday morning updates provide hope. Thank you team :pray::+1:t2:


GoGo safe! lets make it real!


I like your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

I just tried it with this week’s update and it looks good. I agree it would be a good idea to do this from now on.


And maybe if the summary wasn’t verbatim of some of the text below it. I think that would make for a much better and more fluid read.


That’s how Exec Summaries are written. Execs rarely read the underlying report


Is this weekly update for executives?


Personally, I prefer to focus on editing/improving the existing sentences as opposed to writing new sentences that try to re-explain the same thing in a different way. I tend to spend most of my review time on improving the existing sentences (and sometimes asking the people who wrote them if they have ideas on how to make something they wrote clearer) and as I read sentences that I think are worth highlighting, I add them to the summary. I could try to make an effort to rewrite the summary with different words but I’m not sure it would be worth it, especially considering I usually don’t have that much time to review the update (just a few hours).


I can understand that.


Some of us are and used to be. If you aren’t, just skip the Summary