SAFE Network Dev Update - August 1, 2019

Every week the updates are more and more tremendous, furthermore during the holidays season.

No vacations for the team? Some rest is needed after such fabulous work, to avoid burnouts and to be able to sustain this pace on the long term.


I hear they currently sustain themselves on the global tears of those who have had their data abused. No time for sleep when we are on the cutting edge of a revolution of the internet itself :smile: ! I generally prefer the approach of late night code grind hard all week and then sleep like a bear in hibernation all weekend.


Another amazing update! The increasing momentum is so palpable!

All I have to say is, Fleming is going to blow people away :smile:


Great update and progress team. I don’t know how you maintain the pace
@Krishna thanks for the hard yards over the past years but a restaurant in Chennai? Really? I thought you guys had just about run out of water. Now that’s what I call a high risk venture compared to Safenet




Seems things are starting to move quite fast now. Great work by all involved

@Krishna, always sad to see those who have been a part of the backbone of the development team leave. But it sounds like you have an amazing adventure in your new pursuit. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


Excellent progress! Thanks so much to the entire team for all of the hard work you put in.


Very nice! Well done. This opens the door for some novel functionality.

Thank you @Krishna for all your hard work.


It was clear things were finally approaching the steep downward slope of the rollar coaster. Weeeee!!! :grin: :scream:

I still wanna thank @Viv @pierrechevalier83 @AndreasF and all those lost to various circumstances. You will all be missed, honored, and memorialized. You all helped pull this behemoth child forward. For this I respect you all greatly. Especially you @Viv ! Cheers! You’re a beast! Now we watch another depart… Be well @Krishna ! Though we have no reason to believe you won’t be… :v: :slight_smile:


Yet another unbelievable update. Here we go, people.


anyone know what phase 4 for vault is about? everywhere i look in github there is only 3 mentioned, same in the gantt chart…


Great update as per usual! :wink:

To all the forum regulars – make sure to follow the links to the medium articles and give each of them as many “claps” as you can … leaving praise in the comments is good too - helps to spread the word by raising the profile of the articles on medium.


Great update team! Another week of fast progress! Lovin’ it! :sunglasses:


Fleming … :wink:


A bit off topic, but I just noticed that the SAFE Gossip email is not mobile friendly. The font size on mobile is much smaller than regular mails.

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Thanks for flagging, can you send me a screenshot in a DM? Its appearing ok for me.


Who’s birthday is the 6th of August :shushing_face:

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Reading the Safe Gossip newsletter this week - the mention of the Safe Network’s ideals of banking the unbanked and the problems of centralization of mining with regard to bitcoin … and how the Safe Network will alleviate that issue with the decentralization of farming … it occurred to me that PtD and PtP are also potential means to do the same thing … so I’m now more conflicted than ever about these additional network payout methods (having been against them in the past).

@dirvine --What is the current thinking on PtD and PtP with the team? Pro or no? Or is it at the very back of the que of considerations right now?


None as of yet on PtP, everyone has differing thoughts on this one I think. PtD is set though, PtP is the one where there are issues. We shall see though when the whole thing is running / Beta as we can debate it much better. It seems a subject where folk take a stance and stay there, so it should be interesting.


Good to hear. PtP is broken by design in many ways:)

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