SAFE Network Dev Update - April 30, 2020

Once, DBC’s where discussed for safecoin implementation. The main feature was the possibility for offline transaction. Would this still be possible future wise?

Edit: If i remember correctly :smile:


It is something we still consider as we move along.


I was wondering the same but I am pretty certain that DBC could be implemented on top of any other implementation simply because the proposal came from a reddit post where someone proposed adding a DBC feature to bitcoin. I’ll have to go back and find that post but it would be cool to hear from the team if and how that could work for SAFE. I like the idea of a anonymous alternative to cash, especially given cash isn’t looking like it will be around for a whole lot longer. Even in the current environment there is a decent argument against cash, it gets dirty. But once this virus is handled I think it makes sense. SAFE and only a few other projects are in a unique position to do this and have it be anonymous like cash. But SAFEnotes, I like the sound of that.


It is indeed :slight_smile:


Thanks Maidsafe devs for another update ,

@nbaksalyar goodluck with your new adventure buddy.

Will test the new mobile goods later :yum:


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! Keep choosing day by day and we will be happy together! :rocket:

I add the translation into Bulgarian in the first post :dragon:


Yeah, it’s the pragmatic choice.

On the one hand, I don’t like it feeling all evil empire—and given the resources and time I’d most definitely say we’d be rolling our own—but on the other hand what it does for us is allows us to ship a functional, solid product on as many platforms as we can, in a significantly smaller time window. And hopefully we can bend it far enough for it to feel different enough for users to understand the space they are inhabiting quickly enough.

So yeah, it’s a little bit of a pride swallowing moment for the designer, but the end prize is so much more important.


Pragmatism usually wins the day.


So let me get this straight, this project goes on for 15 years now and we neither got a product nor a slightest empirical proof that the impossible here can indeed be done.

But we get fancy UI, unimpressive “baby” releases which have nothing to do with the actual network, and finally new promises of even more sophisticated and complete product really soon. And still, every important release is being postponed/canceled, every promise of things “being around the corner” turns out to be a lie nobody takes responsibility for.

For years now all this project is about are those weekly updates which many of you are actually addicted to. You don’t understand them but you don’t care - you take it as a good sign.

Please, just think about it for a minute.

You can’t deny that you’ve heard about this project just because of Bitcoin. It got its attention next to dozens of other projects with lesser aspirations - it really wasn’t so hard back then to convince people to follow you, even if you had nothing. You just had to promise big things. It’s exactly what Maidsafe did. And still does.

Why? Well, it’s hard letting it go, especially if it still can raise millions, pay salaries, keep a great community together and get you a huge recognition…

But, well, working on impossible things is always impressive, but not always noble. In most cases it’s just working on impossible things.

Seems not likely to you? Look how many people got fooled by Theranos and the product that was supposed to change the world.
Go to and read the comments of people who Left Maidsafe.

Prove me wrong with all of this. But not with big words.

Show me in-depth analysis of this project by some impartial authority.

Show me this network working. You won’t be able to.

Until then my friends, you all stick to your hope and gut feeling. Deep down you know you’ve got nothing more.



Frustrating, I know, but when exponential change hits overdrive, watch out buddy.


Oh dear @jaco, need a hug?

Sold all your BTC just when it looks like it might moon and now the price of MAID isn’t going up fast enough for you? Not bright enough to follow the tech updates and understand what they really mean?

Life can be a bitch eh?
Never mind, you let it all out, son… I’m sure you feel better now. Briefly…

Deep down you know we are all just going to laugh at you and your frustration.


The code is in Github. If the current developers don’t finish it, somebody else can. Our friends from the the UK might say something about not getting your knickers in a knot.


American English: panties in a bunch.


Thanks! Where would they say that? I never heard it before. Where I spent time in the US it was all: “Y’all don’t be this and that, now, ya hear.”

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In America, Knickers is just a basketball team in New York. :rofl:


Yeah, around where I learned English, if you said “knickers”, they would probably just shoot you for lack of patriotism. Also, it’s best not to mention northern states like New York at all. But come to think of it, it’s not impossible somebody might say “panties in a bunch”.


Texas? Georgia? Alabama? Mississippi? Tennessee?


Louisiana and Georgia.
How is: “Don’t choke on your grits, boy!”? (I just made that up.)


Why there no news about farming?


“Don’t be gettin’ y’all’s panties in no bunch now, ya hear?”
I like it!
Keep on farmin’!

EDIT: Colloquial Swedish from the Finnish archipelago.
“Tvinn inga knut op kaliistren!”