SAFE Network Dev Update - April 16, 2020

It’s a fair cop


That’s because you probably missed this following part?

You actually need to have old authd (<= 0.0.7) to uninstall it.


It’s a fair cop


I concur - just installed the Android version and it Just Works. Nice work @ravinderjangra and team.


It sure is! :wink:


Thanks for another update and all the hard work!


Not for me. I had thought I had seen a topic for support on user issues but can’t find it. Can someone direct me so I can share my problem please?

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What’s the problem?


Browser installed just fine. Downloaded from the “Appcenter”.

When I launch, I am given the choice to use the authenticator or the shared section.

As i dont have the authenticator I choose shared section.

Box shows up saying, with a typo imo

connect to Maidsafe shared section

(should be “connecting” no? otherwise by the language should have an “OK” button, anyways)

This stays for about a minute (no loading signal, i thought it froze)
Then I get,

download vault connection file

failed to download vault connection file

click OK, browser stays open but can’t browse obv as I am not connected…

First I thought maybe my vpn wasnt allowing the connection, disconnected but nothing changed.

Checked the github page, saw the tools needed, links to VS 2019 that

doesn’t work on my device

The second link

Mobile development with .NET (Xamarin)

leads to

page not found

I am on Android 6.0.1. I am assuming my android version is the problem but not sure as I assumed that would be checked when downloading the browser to see if it was compatible.

Or do I need to download this “vault connection file” from somewhere separately as the error said?

Edit to add: If I switch apps while the browser is open and then switch back to it, it crashes

Unfortunately, SAFE Browser has stopped


Hmm OK, I didnt’t see any of that. On Android 9.


Mine was 7.0 - useful to tick off perhaps who has what.


Do you have a firewall app in the way perhaps?..

I’ve NoRoot Firewall but then had it already allowing SAFE Browser from previous installs.

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Mobile browser Just Works here on an old Samsung 7 running Android 8.0.0

What does “NOT compatible” mean when it comes to safe-cli? Compatible with what?
Is the distinction between “auth” and “authd” meaningful?

sascha@Knut-Mint:~$ safe update
Checking target-arch... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Checking current version... v0.9.0
Checking latest released version... v0.12.0
New release found! v0.9.0 --> v0.12.0
New release is *NOT* compatible

safe release status:
  * Current exe: "/home/sascha/.safe/safe-cli/safe"
  * New exe release: "safe-cli-0.12.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz"
  * New exe download url: ""

The new release will be downloaded/extracted and the existing binary will be replaced.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
[00:00:51] [========================================] 9.46MB/9.46MB (0s) Done
Extracting archive... Done
Replacing binary file... Done
Update status: `0.12.0`!
sascha@Knut-Mint:~$ safe auth update
Checking target-arch... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Checking current version... v0.0.7
Checking latest released version... v0.0.8
New release found! v0.0.7 --> v0.0.8
New release is compatible

safe-authd release status:
  * Current exe: "/home/sascha/.safe/authd/safe-authd"
  * New exe release: ""
  * New exe download url: ""

The new release will be downloaded/extracted and the existing binary will be replaced.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Downloading...
[00:00:30] [========================================] 6.88MB/6.88MB (0s) Done
Extracting archive... Done
Replacing binary file... Done
Setting execution permissions to installed binary '/home/sascha/.safe/authd/safe-authd'...
Update status: `0.0.8`!

Fantastic update!! The continuous flow of new releases is absolutely thrilling :smile:

I really appreciate the emphasis on streamlining and simplicity, for example finding the least labor intensive, if you will, manner to govern Safecoin transactions. So much exciting work!!!


You know you guys have implemented so many solutions for developing a decentralized and functional decentralized system you really should document them all, even the ones you don’t end up using in the end base code for the SAFE network. I’ve had so many “that’s impossible” conversations with people who simply can’t believe decentralization doesn’t work or that governments can’t be abolished or that a, b, c or d system couldn’t possibly be decentralized but as I’ve been following the SAFE network project I’ve seen dozens of different solutions for decentralization and logic being presented to varying degrees. Some were adopted, some were adapted and some were outright invented from scratch. I’m not saying every bit of code here can be used directly elsewhere but perhaps the logic can be adapted or inspire a totally different project or some developer may indeed take what was abandoned from here and take it and apply it elsewhere. But in any event it might be useful to see all the different methods for decentralization neatly lined up someplace so people know the SAFE network isn’t just one technology but several and that when someone proposes a crazy idea, like decentralizing a community or say creating a decentralized internet, it perhaps isn’t all that insane after all and can in fact be done. :smile:


Good to know I am not alone. Just looking out of the window shows decentralisation is not only possible but perhaps the only proven mechanism. It’s weird how some Engineers don’t see it, but they will eventually. The current virus crisis shows that nature works in ways that require resilience and not efficiency. The efficiency drive folk will lose and not even see it coming. We need slack/loose approaches to computing, not efficient, guaranteed and totally ordered approaches. Those are easy to reason as they require little deep thinking. but in actual fact nature works with lots of errors. It’s in front of our noses, but many say they know better, they don’t :wink:


Indeed. All of evolution is about getting just a tiny little advantage, 1, 2% better, not aiming for minimum 95% efficiency.


I do not…

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