SAFE Network could save the IoT

Recently, a company that made a device for controlling things around the home, lights coffee pots etc. The company making the product was acquired, and they decided to discontinue supporting the app that allows you to control that device (basically a thermostat with a computer inside it)

Since that device connects to the central service in order for people to use it and that cloud service is discontinued; therefore, if you bought that device it is just a brick now that you cannot access from your mobile device since you cant connect to the cloud that once hosted the app for that “smart thermostat”

Thus, I see without SAFE there will be no IoT because of extraordinary risk that an individual service provider stands in between you and the lengthy operation of the device. IoT companies could be designing protocols that function across the SAFE Network and therefore would not have a critical dependency for their customers on centralized cloud services to keep their devices in a usable state.


They could have had the decency to open-source it, since they were no longer supporting it and therefore no longer making money from it.


Must not have been able to sell the private information (coffee making habits etc) for enough money.

It is absolutely shocking how home automation systems are in fact information collecting systems that happen to do some tasks for the duped home occupier that installs the systems.

We need opensourced solutions that do not “phone home” with everything that is done in the home.

SAFE can help, but phone home can still happen in SAFE. In fact one function that could “phone Home/police” after phone the home owner would be the breakin function.


I get the feeling that it was acquired and shelved as part of competition :\ too bad for the folks who bought;

Nonetheless, in a world of vision and clarity; these kinds of devices and services ought to be built to an autonomous network. No reason some random day in the year you come home and maybe you cant turn your heater on etc…

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