SAFE Network concerns from an old employee


So you really want me to belive you have never look at the charts … Really … WOW… Cant fix stupid.


How recently did you get in?


Oh I’ve looked at those charts, but I’m just not seeing why you feel investors are being neglected. In my previous post I asked you to explain what you are seeing in the chart that I’m not. You haven’t done that yet. When I look at the past two years on that chart I see that the current price is the highest it has been besides the peak that we had between the end of February and the middle of April this year. And recently the coin has been doing very well.

So either you got in between the end of February and the middle of April or you just have higher expectations than the average investor. Perhaps you can explain us your situation since you seem to be looking for some sympathy. You won’t achieve that by referring to ‘the charts’ without explaining why the charts are bad according to you or by calling us fanboys.


This is not about me. I had faith in the project. Thats why i invested. Its the Management that i cant understand. No investor is going to put up with these losses. I am speaking for every investor up and down the charts. There is no joy.
And according to the charts im not alone.


Yeah I’m asking when you invested. You do know that others speculate and manipulate right? Do you know what going long is?


We have a Price and trading topic to talk prices. It’s not allowed to discuss prices and charts in other topics. I can’t move your post to that topic because you are not at TL2. So keep on topic and discuss the OP in line with the forum guidelines. That means, leave out personal attacks and improve the discussion.


I very much look forward to the day that we’re fully functional and the network is proving itself with data that remains secure. Until then maybe you should just do a weekly 2 hour Q&A or something David? We all need this to happen as soon as possible, time-wasting needs to be kept to a minimum. There are enough smart forumites that most of the questions can be fielded by them anyway.

I dunno, maybe it is still important to be seen daily, silence looks bad, but nothing speaks as loudly as results. At least with a Q&A any question does get addressed.

There shouldn’t be so many complicated hurdles and political concerns on the road to realising a technical vision like this :disappointed:. Humanity should be greasing the wheels rather than laying down speed bumps. Maybe I’m just a hopeless fanboy (no, definitely ;)), but maidsafe have had to drag themselves through a muddy quagmire of misfortune and up a steep hill of challenges already (over doing it on the metaphors lol). They’ve behaved admirably through all of it imo. The goal they are pursuing is one that would really benefit everyone in profound ways. I know I’m too evangelical to be taken seriously, but it feels to me like any criticism that is not constructive, at this stage, is obviously misguided because it implies they don’t want it to succeed. Once the beta is launched the destructive hacks and attacks are all good and inevitable… SAFE is no good to anyone if it is vulnerable.

Let’s all stay on track. SAFE does have a lot of innovations that make it high risk. Those same ‘risky’ innovations also set it apart from other projects and lend it enormous potential (without doubt the greatest potential of any crypto project I’ve looked into). It may not work, or it may take a long time to get right, or it may work amazingly well much sooner than any of the sceptics expected. None of us can know what the future holds, but we are here because we know what we want it to hold and we show some faith with the time and money we invest that David and the team are capable of solving the problems they must to get this done. From my lay perspective it looks like they have already solved almost all of them, I see no reason to doubt that they will polish it off over coming months. The fundamentals remain unchanged as far as I can see.

/bring on beta


Yeah, it gets into everyone’s heads… that’s fear, uncertainty and doubt for you :wink:

I feel it too, I guess you just have to make sure your decisions are calculated and not emotional… whether it’s fud or falling in love with the idea, either is dangerous I guess.

I feel conflicted like anyone with money on the line, but it just feels like yet another test of resolve. I have been here many times before… fear has rarely been a good decision maker in my experience.

Everyone has to do what’s right for them. I don’t mind some risk, you can’t get anywhere without taking a lot of those. I’m only really concerned by the risk/reward ratio in terms of investment… which still feels pretty ridic to me. Everyone has to gauge their own feelings about that though.


I’m dumbfounded by how much attention and commotion this nobody has garnered.
Seriously astonished.


I agree. I guess SAFE is for adults…not children. :grin:


meh, i wanted to call it first (and got distracted ;))

but couldnt we move all that fud to another thread? doesnt have to be prices (yet). i mean its kinda ridiculous that you cant move that stuff >because< he/she hasnt been around long enough/contributed enough.


You shouldnt be.

Give a man a stage, bright lites and music. He’ll surely perform.

Turn off the lites and music and he’ll walk off the stage and look for a new venue.

There is an agenda here and it aint related to code.

Ignore the noise.

On an unrelated note- keep dry!


I’m swimming. :thunder_cloud_rain: :cloud_tornado:


That sounds very interesting. But maybe just 1 hour, if it’s every week.

We could start a thread on here and everyone asks questions that they think are important to know about the network, and we vote on which ones are best each week, to fit into the time slot.

If this had existed, it may have helped prevent this FUD attack, because there would have been an open place where people can Voice their questions and expect a thought out answer.

Also, maybe don’t have it on a certain week, if not enough / no questions are posted


Why don’t we just compose, pin and update a Q&A on this forum. As new unanswered questions arise, they could be added to it along with the answers. I vote @polpolrene aggregate the current data. He has been around for as long as the forum has been operational and he has in many cases attempted to clarify and nuance most aspects of the SAFE protocol. We as a community would of course help to carry the burden whenever and however we can. His moderation duties have no doubt been a heavy enough encumbrance. What say ye @polpolrene my man?

It would be immensely helpful. :pray:


He is hardly a nobody. Read through the forum history for this guy and you will realise he has a lot of knowledge and I say this as a software developer. This is why I was concerned.

I am confident that David and the team have things in hand, but sometimes reassurances and explanations are needed in such situations.

Moreover, not everyone is a politician. I know a lot of technical guys who are far from the best communicators and have little enthusiasm for playing mental games. The nature of their contributions may be clumsy, but rarely malicious in my experience.


Some contract devs are experts in their fields, which is why they choose to contract. They are confident that their skills are sufficient to shun the safety of a permanent job. Moreover, this particular contractor was vocal and technical on this forum in the past.

This isn’t to say his words are gospel - he admitted above that all his concerns may have already been addresses. However, he isn’t some nobody and if he was, we wouldn’t have taken his thoughts nearly as seriously.

There is a lot of good work going in to maintaining data consistency (e.g. Data chains), which looks to be addressing these concerns. Hopefully, we will see the fruits of these soon.


Maybe he was actually gentleman enough to wait a year instead of laying it all out immediately (a year ago). Actually, on that note if he did have concerns a year ago and shared them, maybe it would’ve gotten the devs thinking about how to solve them sooner. (Although, the delay/worry it would’ve caused might’ve been bad instead of good?) Anyway maybe he was just apprehensive about talking about it until now; I don’t know! Just some thoughts. Either way it’s all “would’ve has-been”-s now (not sure what that word is, but I’m going with it), just something to look at occasionally to see if there’s something missing.


Apparently there’s been some discussion of this on the Metz Dowd email list. No idea what that is, and the tech aspect of this is out of my wheelhouse, but I was discussing the matter with someone today and they felt the issue was unresolved (even though I sent him to this thread) and suggested someone from MAID weigh in on that forum. Fwiw …


What issue though, is there a specific flaw or aspect of security that is identified that is not answered (beyond what if the unfeasible was still possible (it is), like you could create satoshi’s private key at random)? If so we should provide an answer or point to the appropriate paper etc. I will certainly try to answer any such issues as that is important, I just have not seen any that are relevant, perhaps it will mean pointing out why each point is not relevant, but surely there must be a limit to how many times we do otherwise we do risk stagnating launch. It’s easy if there is an unanswered point and we can answer that, if it’s based on something we do and not something somebody thinks we do (as that is too large a scope)?