SAFE Network Client Testing Commences

I suspect that is the default. Most web servers singe same. Try putting /main.html on the end of the URL and it would work that way too (it is how all your other files are served).

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As long as you are able to use the correct proxy you should be fine.

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Hi, thanks for response. Nope, followed all instruction, on Mac, Chrome uses system proxy settings, so did setup per Mac instructions, all looks good, but no go?

But the children…
Having said that, as the owner of the first SAFE site for adult entertainment, I admit am more interested in using moral standards as an excuse to eliminate competition (although I haven’t started catering to that particular market ( I mean dics pics) yet).

I’ve seen most of the bugs described in recent post and while there are some workarounds the bottom line is any I cannot edit/change the Web site which was possible early on.
By the looks of it, at least 3 more months to go.



By the looks of it, at least 3 more months to go.

Optimism! I think longer, unless you’re talking about the MVP :slightly_smiling:


I mean everything. MVP one month, decentralized vaults and churn one, Safecoin one. That’s my hope (the same estimate I had last November) but if it happens faster I won’t complain. Of course it could happen slower as well.

By the way, IMO the MVP testing should have been broken into 2 parts (standalone launcher with MaidSafe vaults and maybe 1-2 CLI scripts that can post stuff to vaults, and then sample apps separately), as the current approach resulted in so much confusion around which part does what and how they relate, plus a flood of “generic” bugs that may be due to this, but also to that (launcher, app, network, vaults, etc).

Another strange decision was to not leave the logs behind (at least I couldn’t find them). You’d think the devs would hope people could simply submit the last 30 lines of their log instead posting generic “doesn’t work” messages, but I haven’t seen anything about the logs.

[I am surprised no one has realized this]

It’s too late to change the way MVP was released, but the log thing can still be improved.


amazing guys, when will be able to farm more or less?

Are css files supported at the moment ? I am storing a css file in a separate folder linked to my index.html, but it does not apply on the web page. I experience the same issue with js files (Of course I tested locally and both work on my side).
Thank you !

First there is a TODO list in the OP to get through. Then they’ll release vaults for testing - which will require more changes and bug fixing. Then they will begin work on Safecoin implementation… beginning with TestSafecoin… more TODOs testing bugfixes… then, ish, farming can begin. So that long :slightly_smiling: apart from the details I missed out that is :wink:


I would have thought that tehy would work, since they are just files.

Once your web page loads it then requests the css and js files which can take 2 seconds on the current test system

EDIT: that is at least 2 seconds

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Yes I had the same reasoning as you. Can anyone having successfully done so paste the safe address of such a site :smiley: ?

I take it back, found an error in my proxy setup (thanks Onaka ) and we’re now golden!

Very chuffed right now :slight_smile:

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The 2048 game site surely uses js files. When you load the page, right click and select show source

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I understood the error: when I chose to upload the whole folder of my website, I did not check that all the files were uploaded successfully. And indeed, the css was not in its sub-folder. Thank you!

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I can visit a few sites and then it stops. I configured this manually in my proxy settings and after visiting some sites in Google Chrome I get an error in my demo app:

I think you need to tick the line above (from your screenshot)?
And enter the .pac file there.

Yes, it’s more stable now…but still strange. Should also work with the other settings.

Leave username and password empty when manually entering proxy settings of localhost:8101 :wink:

after visiting about 20 sites I get the same message again, after restarting the launcher it works again.

But I’m still very exciting … thank you all for the great job. I will help with some testing the comming weeks.

Most stuff on BitTorrent is already compressed. More generally, most “big” kind of data is already compressed: video, audio, software installers, images, pdfs, etc

Which makes me believe compression should be better left to the application layer :smirk_cat:

The “application layer” may include the operating system: for example, if you want to host a program for OS X, you can just shove a mountable DMG image on the on the network, and you’re done.

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