SAFE Network Brand Identity Poll

Following on from the an earlier thread proposing a competition for a visual identity for the SAFE Network, it became clear that there were a lot of differing views and it is unclear at this point whether the majority of the community think the network even needs its own identity. The purpose of this poll is to find out!

If the majority vote yes a competition committee will be formed (I think we have enough volunteers already) and they will work on a project plan and a design brief on behalf of the community. If the majority vote no we will leave things as they are.

The poll will close at 7pm Sunday night.

  • Yes - the SAFE Network needs its own visual identity!
  • No - we’re fine as we are thanks!

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Just to confirm that the poll has now closed and 80% voted that we need a network brand identity. Thanks to everyone for taking part. I’ll be back in touch shortly with next steps.


Light on the turnout. Bummer.

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For those who dont follow the forum or dig deep… For the everyday internet user…For the target market… What is Project Safe? I see nothing succinctly and clearly identifying it for what it is. Could it be a pilot project for safe insect repellent? Is it a project for a Safehouse for wayward teens? Unwed mothers? I completely agree this Tshirt is a work of art ( I want one) - for a technerd - who already understands what this technology is all about. But it is not the story for the masses and it wont deliver adoption and may well cause irreparable harm to the cause.


What was the total # of votes?

48… its right there

The world has spoken

haha! good one…


I think that has a certain appeal…and ants are sort of cuddly :slight_smile:


Indeed, just look at Apple, are they selling apple pies, apple juices or just apples? Wait, computers?! No way its gonna work…


Apple has been around 30+ years. Brand identity is a very different game today. Apple cemented their brand long before social media and long before most of the people on this forum were born. Bad example.

Agree …needs to be used. But them cuddly Ants? …bye bye.


Yes, this would be hard to beat!

Much as I love the ants, I think I agree with BIGbtc there. You have to understand them in context, it’s almost like a private joke and not appropriate for our mainstream appeal/elucidation mandate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting Meerkats, but ants don’t do us any favours unless they’re really fekin cute :sweat_smile: imho anyway


Twitter, Slack, Amazon or Kijiji then? But anyway, if you don’t see the word SAFE as a good name there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.


? Probably the best name for a network or a coin that I could imagine… genius and perfect. Can’t imagine anyone ever voting to change that lol.

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Yeah I don’t get some people, a marketing agency would kill to have the chance to work with a simple 4 letters word that everyone can positively relates to.


I hope you guys are on the ‘committee’

Ants do deserve a place in the liner notes though (not the brand), genuine influence on the protocol design… a symbol of network resiliency.


Read my post. “Project Safe” is my concern and I never said I dont like the word safe. Do you have any idea how much money was pumped into the branding of your other examples, Twitter, Slack…etc… ? I dont think you do. You need to understand my point of view and not take it personal. You seem offended that Im thinking about whats best for Safenet. I dont like the name Project Safe and I dont think the Tshirt is a good marketing tool.

I’m not sure there was any plan to retain ‘Project’ It was definitely ‘SAFE’ …a work in progress up to the point of launch.

Privacy.Security.Freedom is the take away and I believe has been in use by Maidsafe for a long time.