SAFE Network article in Wikipedia


Then there’s the whole issue of notability.

On several occasions I’ve searched Wikipedia for products, websites and other things only to find that it had an article earlier, but was deleted as not being notable enough. I searched for it and wanted to read about it, someone had taken the time to create it, so there’s definitely some interest at least. Even when there’s good sources for an article, it seems that some admins just want to delete everything that’s not interesting to them, even when not being made by a paid editor or breaking any guidelines, only not being “notable” enough. What’s notable though seems to vary wildly.


This made me think about something I read a few years back about Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia. He wrote a one-sentence article about a small restaurant he visited. The article was deleted after 22 minutes by some administrator. This is a result of two opposing views dubbed ‘deletionism’ and ‘inclusionism’:


Page was deleted as no consensus was reached about returning it to user space. I’m confident the page will return again.


Can’t someone intercede here so that this Wikipedia article gets recreated? I’m a banned WP user so I cannot. Surely we see the importance in having this article up?