SAFE Network article in Wikipedia


Ah ok, got you now, thanks.


Just to be sure: a list that contains the license of the logo? The logo itself can already be downloaded from the ‘press kit’-page.


Yes, we’ll get that added to the site :+1:


Seems like a failsafe way to get it on the page would be to first upload the black and blue variants to Wikimedia Commons with all the licensing info mentioned there. Then the Wikipedia page could just link to the Wikimedia commons image.


Yes, but better to wait until the license is mentioned on the safenetworktech site.


I translated the article into the Czech language. Do the same with your native language. Editing wikipedia is simple.


Editing is simple, but preventing your changes to be reverted by someone else is a bit more difficult :wink:


Just a tip with regard to the Wikipedia article!

If you click the ‘View history’ tab and then from the ‘External tools’ menu line you choose the ‘Pageviews’ tab, you will be able to keep tabs on how many views this article has.

As we can see by now, it had a high of just above 200 views on the day after it was created (Dec. 8/9) and about 35 views on Dec. 20.

It shall be fun watching the graphs soar!


Someone translated to Nederlands. @polpolrene perhaps??


I did. I liked the idea of @Quetzalcoatl so decided to translate it! My first contribution to Wikipedia, seems like other contributors fixed quite some errors and syntax. Also very unnatural Dutch formulations, but it’s something.


An editor that goes by ‘Wbrasp’ had tried to edit the logo on the SAFE Network Wikipedia page and wasn’t following Wikipedia guidelines (apparently) and now there is a ‘UDP Tag’ (UnDisclosed Payment) on the page. So Wbrasp created an account to strictly edit the SAFE Network page which is very bad in the eyes of moderators! They assume someone was payed to do so :roll_eyes:. If you know Wbrasp by chance please politely ask them to stop, earn a reputation as per Wikipedia’s suggestions, and someday contribute.

Since the page is so new it seems that having novice editing is a bit of a trigger for Wikipedia so let’s be careful folks and play the long game and do it right!


You certainly have to watch out and it would be better if someone with more Wiki cred adds the logo again with the correct license to the SAFE Network page. Btw @nicklambert have you already an idea when the logo with the correct license will be added to
But if I understand it correctly it is AnomieBOT who added the ‘UDP Tag’… And also another bot who removed the logo from the site.
That reminds me of the system ‘bot’ on this forum which can be too strict at times.
Have you a link to the exact reasoning/logic of AnomieBOT for adding the ‘UDP Tag’?
I hope the OTRS system of Wikimedia isn’t needed for the logo license to be checked: delay of 204 days atm…
It seems Wikipedia is seriously understaffed.

That ‘doing it right’ doesn’t alwyas seem that simple. Also a novice editor has to start somewhere, and making minor changes is part of earning a reputation I think:


Yes absolutely is. The biggest issue is a novice only editing the SAFE page. That’s not who Wikipedia is trying to attract. They want specialized editors but not that specialized and not biased.

The page is new enough it also has no protections, so if people are too reckless then the whole page could be taken down.


Chasing this up now, it should have been done but unfortunately hasn’t been, apologies for the delay.


Woah WTF.

It says it’s been deleted.


SAFEnetwork absolutely deserves to have a Wikipedia page. What the hell!!!


this is the second time they delete the page, I remember that in 2014-2015 I translated it into Bulgarian and they deleted it…


Seems to me we need a few of the major devs to make the wiki page. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Or maybe get PR on it directly. Seems a major marketing and communications point and wikipedia seems to be a bit of a collective drama queen so perhaps we need to get our info together and avoid offending their sensitive egos. Tho I’d vote for a less drama inducing SAFE-pedia.


Bias is frowned upon by Wikipedia but if you are transparent with your conflict of interest then you can request a page be created. I’m doing a lot of reading and hoping this can get resolved somehow soon.


Lets fix it.

There is a draft for this article at Draft:SAFE Network.

Only got deleted for a rule violation. Blocked or banner user created it. There’s a draft article just get any new user to RE upload it.

I have no clue what I’m doing with wiki but will try give it a crack if no one else can.