SAFE Network article in Wikipedia




Mentioned in the latest update too


Ughh did not see that soz bro.


No problems having a topic to discuss this.


Nice to see this coming online. For anyone out there skilled at Wikipedia edits, it night be good to have a section for “pop culture appearances” and mention Ralph and Piper directly. Also, shouldn’t the logo be blue? Anyhow, nice work!


Yes, logo, better to use the blue version and as already mentioned in the other thread:


Would be nice if it included benefits and defense solutions. This is a great brainstorming thread IMO.


Nice something there but could do with more of the ambition stated clearly for the common man; a description of the abstract “autonomous peer-to-peer network” and other techno babble - what the network is for, rather than just the how.

Better to stick to the facts on a reference point like Wikipedia; let the reader take what they want, rather than doing a sales and marketing piece.

Breaking down the elements of what makes the network function, might be useful… and detail of the modules that can be used by other open source projects too.


As I understand it, ‘Benefits’ are promotional which isn’t allowed especially in blockchain or crypto pages which have a special sanction on Wikipedia.


Then it doesn’t have to be presented that way.


This should fall under ‘Technical Design’ and is allowed. Look to Freenet for an example.


and given Wikipedia is very much like an encyclopedia, the test is do I understand what [ x ] is, when I look up [ x ]? So, top level abc and a breakdown is most important, in order it is clear to everyone. We need to move at some point beyond just the technically literate to engaging future userbase in the idea.


Does someone knows the exact license of the logo (with a reference to it)? Or does someone from Maidsafe have to give explicit allowance to use the logo on Wikipedia? Because someone has removed it due to ‘copyright infringement’.


The logo is creative commons, perhaps @nicklambert can confirm where the statement is. It used to be in our assets page though, so it will be available.


Yes it’s Creative Commons 4 as @dirvine mentioned. You can find the license info here. We need to add this logo to @SarahPentland, please add this to your list.


I just tried searching Creative Commons for it and it doesn’t come up. In Google Images it is only listed when you search under “Unrestricted by license”. I guess this is the problem.


You mean the Safe nw logo in general or should every specific variant be licensed (eg blue color)?


The license allows you to make any modifications you like so one license should fit all.


Sorry John, not sure what you mean, can you pls rephrase?


Yeah sure. Search for Safenetwork in Google, select the Images option, go to Tools | Usage rights. The logo only appears in the search results if you select the “Not filtered by license” option, so I guess Google doesn’t know it’s licensed under CC.