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SAFE Network is an autonomous peer-to-peer network, developed by MaidSafe, a software company based in Scotland . Designed by David Irvine, it is an open source project. SAFE in SAFE Network stands for Secure Access for Everyone and the software is in the alpha test phase since 2016. [1]

Secure Network


Safe Network aims to create a decentralized autonomous peer-to-peer network hosting all data such as websites, applications, and data that will be uploaded by any user to be available from anywhere, all of which will be encrypted, secure, sliced ​​and distributed in many places, and only the owner will have access and control over them.

What it consists of [2]

The SAFE Network consists of:

  • Crust - Crust (Connections in Rust) is a low-level networking library that is optimized for peer-to-peer connections and data transfer. It supports multiple protocols that allow ordinary computers and smartphones to connect to each other and are cryptographically secure.

  • Routing - Rutting is at the top of Crust. It is the overlay and routing networking layer that forms the SAFE network brain. Its purpose is to develop a decentralized internet and route information. Routing uses a consensus algorithm that has been named PARSEC by the basic elements that define it as Protocol for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient Consensus.

    • “PARSEC” [3] - PARSEC is an algorithm that automatically takes decisions for any change in the SAFE NETWORK
  • Vaults - The Vaults are the ways in which users provide resources (storage space, processing power, and availability of information over the internet) .and getting paid for those.

  • Clients - Clients is the way to upload data and browse the NETWORK Network (as long as the alpha phase 2 lasts, the ways are through SAFE Browser, Web Hosting Manager, and through any browser using a proxy)


  • In 1996, the Irvine idea was born of a decentralized network of all computers to talk to each other without Server
  • Over the next few years he developed his idea in a project called Safe Network and in 2006 he set up MaidSafe to complete the Network
  • In 2016, an alpha draft of the Network was made available to the public to prove if it works and to be tested by the public
  • in 2017 the alpha 2 was released [4]


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Crust is not used anymore… See QUIC, Quinn & Crust: an update