Safe-network-app : Resource discovery tool - assume the sale

Snapp - the SAFE Network App, atm talks of:

  • Authentication (authd) when that’s not installed
  • the SAFE Browser
  • the Command Line Interface (CLI)

but missing is

  • what resources the user has available

Below I’m going to assume that this hasn’t been thought of because the point needs making to prompt thinking about the how this is done…

UI is like gravity

I wonder that an essential part of marketing, is assuming the sale. We need to consider ways in which users are pulled in, rather than pushed away - or worse letting them float in the hope that they find their way to put feet on the ground.

Assume the sale

That SAFE is for everyone, fairly suggests that we assume that everyone will contribute what resources they have spare… and with an expectation that noob user will want to contribute, on the back of the reasonable position that if they understood more, they would do.

So, helping the user fall towards where they should reasonable want to be - supporting the SAFE network that they are looking to make use of.

Resource discovery tool

Snapp then I wonder should have an element that is a direct question that notes what the user has potentially available and asks how much of that spare resource they are willing to make available to SAFE.

That resource discovery tool, I wonder could be developed now, to help encourage the sense that this is a network supported directly by the user. The tool could at this point, simply note what is available and appreciate the users who offer more than required - even to the point of apologizing that at this stage the network does not need to take up on that for testing… but giving users the experience and resolving how this is done.

I’m not suggesting that there is any feedback from the tool to know what is available, as it’ll be an evolution when the network is live but orientating the users now, might be useful - getting it right and optimising that interface too, might be worthwhile.

It’s possible there is a better idea already for how a user assigned and delimits what resources the network will be allowed to make use of. It’s also possible there is a lot of work to do - but having a place holder for it, would be good to see as it sets out the intent more obviously.